The Numbers: Mixed Bag from Rd 4 (New Zealand 31/10/13 and Sydney 3/11/13)

This week we'll look at a few oddities from the games against New Zealand and Sydney

If we know anything about basketball, it's that certain matchups can greatly impact how a game pans out.

Last year, Adelaide started the season with Schensch and DJ as it's starters but then had to alter that midway through the year when Big Luke got injured. Against some teams(ok very few) that frontcourt combo worked. Generally though it struggled as it forced DJ to become more of an outside player and defensively it just didn't mesh.

This year, Schensch's defense has changed the course of three games and has resulted in a great overall +/- number for him of 28 (leading the team). DJ's number is the second worst on the team at -19. You can put some of that blame on the fact that he doesn't get to play with Schensch but it tells us that despite the fact he's a great scorer, he rarely helps the team go on runs where they outscore the opponent.

Last round threw up some funny numbers though for these two.

vs NZ: Johnson +21, Schenscher -9
vs SYD:  Johnson +1, Schenscher +17

Schensch struggled mightily in the Breakers game which was very quick paced and with Pledger the only real player he could defend. Johnson had a good game but Wright was forced to use him more due to matchups and because BJ got ejected.

Three days later it was the opposite. Despite having a solid game, DJ recorded a +1. He struggled against Ogilvy defensively and had little other influence at the defensive end. Schenscher on the other anchored the team's 2-3 zone and did well on Ogilvy. He also scored some easy baskets. Interestingly Johnson recorded a -4 when he played centre and a +7 when he played the 4 with Luke.

Gibson had a rare "-" game against Sydney with a -4 (Jarrid Frye was the only other Sixer with a negative number). Gibson only scored 9pts, had 3 turnovers, no blocks or steals and just 1 rebound. Most of this can be put down to a fair bit of time on the taller Madgen. Expect him to bounce back this week.

In only 6:23 of court time, Brendan Teys recorded an impressive +13 (third best on the team). He might not look much on the court but Teys was a big part of Adelaide's 18-7 run in the second quarter. Despite his limited playing time this year, Teys sits fourth on the team's total +/- with +18. Watch his hustle and ball movement next time he's on and you might just appreciate him a little more.

Mitch had a big game yesterday and this was supported by his number of +19, best for the day. Creek's game was doubly important with Frye battling foul troubles. His 14 points, 10 boards and 2 blocks were key in Adelaide's win.

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