The Numbers: 36ers v Breakers 15/11/13

He's only logged 34:57 minutes this year but the numbers continue to tell us one thing- the Sixers seem to go on runs when 10th man Brendan Teys hits the court.

Tenth man "+/-" numbers can be fools gold when these players only see minutes in winning blowouts etc but this hasn't been the case for Teys. He's played less than 4 minutes total during  final quarters this season and has logged most of his playing time in the second quarter.

On Friday, Teys started the second quarter and the Sixers went on a 9-2 run in exactly two minutes. He then got subbed on for Creek and the Breakers went on 6-0 run. His combination of unselfishness and solid D has ensured the team doesn't suffer when he's on. In fact, it flourishes.

Adelaide's two most efficient lineups this year have both featured BT (Ervin/Teys/Creek/Petrie/Schenscher and Ervin/Teys/Gibson/Petrie/Johnson). Teys's personal +/- is an excellent "+23", good for equal third on the team. When you factor is he's only played 34 minutes, this means the team outscores opponents by 0.67 points every minute he's on the floor. That basically means if he played 30 minutes, the team would outscore it's opponent by 20 points. Obviously that doesn't mean if we started BT and played him for 30 minutes we'd expect to beat Perth by 20 this week but it does shows he's effective.

Teys only played another 29 seconds against New Zealand and team outscored the Breakers by 2 in this stretch. The numbers suggest he's a great luxury as a 10th man and could come in very handy at some stage later in the year.


  1. Teys has always been the intelligent, inspirational and hard-working difference between a win and a loss, especially in the most important of games eg finals of championships where his ability to perform under pressure is extraordinary for someone so young.

  2. I'm guessing you're either related to Brendan or having a laugh......


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