Go For The Kill (Preview: 36ers v Hawks 29/11/13)

Tomorrow Adelaide faces off against Wollongong at it's fortress, Adelaide Arena. The team is 4-0 at home, knocking off the Hawks, Kings, Tigers and Wildcats. The strange NBL scheduling sees Adelaide again take on the Hawks at home, commencing a run of games against teams sitting outside the Top 4. If the team is fully engaged, this should be a comfortable win. If it's feeling a little too good about itself this could be one of those cliched "danger games".

In my preview of the first Sixers/Hawks clash this season, I tipped a Sixers blowout. I was wr..wr...wrong. The Hawks put up a solid fight, on the back of some solid play by Larry Davidson and it's new import Kevin Tiggs. Wright won't have to plan for Davidson this time as the big man is still out injured. Unlike last time, the coaches now have some local video of Tiggs and will be better prepared for how to stop him. It's biggest concerns will be that Rotnei Clarke doesn't put on a three-point clinic and that Forman or Coenraad also don't find their outside game.

Adelaide is at the top of it's game and almost at full strength, assuming Jarrid Frye plays. Word is that he will play. Personally, without performing my own inspection of his ankle, it makes sense to me that he rests up for this one. Resting him isn't an admission that Adelaide thinks this game will be a breeze, it's simply just good management of a player who could carry this problem throughout the year if he doesn't get some rest.

Earlier this year, I sat next to a former NBL player on a flight. It was not long after the season had ended and Adelaide was looking to name it's coach. We discussed the prospects and got to Wright, whom he had played under. He spoke highly of Wright and the only criticism he really had was that he sometimes ran guys into the ground. I'm unsure if his philosophies have changed since then but to me it makes since to give Frye this game off.

This should be a game Adelaide wins and if is the quality team we think it is, it should be a comfortable win. I mean who doesn't want to see Doyle/Sims/Adnam action. A loss after the recent highs would be a letdown but I just don't see it happening.

My Tip: Adelaide by 12

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