Everybody Chase Chris (Preview: Adelaide vs Melbourne 8/11/13)

It's pretty simple. For Adelaide to win tomorrow against the surging Tigers it has to stop Chris Goulding.

The enigmatic Tigers guard looks the most likely threat to James Ennis for the league MVP this year as his game continues to develop. In the last clash between the two teams Goulding was the difference. His 13 point third quarter awoke Melbourne from it's slumber and put the game out of reach for Adelaide. Mark Worthington also looms large over this game (he loves sticking it to Adelaide's crowd) but a big game from Goulding will be needed for the Tigers to pull off a win.

So how does Adelaide stop him?

I'd mix it up a little but ensure he's guarded for every second he's oncourt by either Gibson, Creek, Frye or Petrie. Gibson is out best man-on-man defender but his height is an issue trying to stop Goulding's quick pull-up/jack-up threes. Frye and Creek's extra size will be beneficial as well as their added athleticism. Peach can handle him on the perimeter for stretches although he'll likely be called upon to primarily slow Worthington.

Adelaide will need to get it's matchups right and look to expose Melbourne again on the boards. The Sixers shot poorly last time (38% from the field, 24% on threes, 58% from the stripe) and it's rebounding was all that kept it in the game. They should  fare better tomorrow simply by being at home, where they are shooting 46% from the field, 37% on threes and 67% from the line. It will also help being the team's lone game for the round and not it's second game within 48hrs as it was last time.

Ervin must continue with his aggressive play and look to push the ball at every chance. DJ needs to show Morrison his full array of moves. Creek and Frye need to play to their athletic best. Gibson and Peach will need to focus on shutdown roles. If all of that happens Adelaide should be fine.

Adelaide fans will also be keen to erase the memory of the last time Melbourne visited Adelaide. It wasn't the Peach/Bubbles fight one but this stinkfest where Adelaide squandered a golden opportunity for a rare win. Luckily we have a revamped team and coaching group that should ensure we make the most of gifted opportunities and look to stamp our dominance on homecourt games.

My tip? Adelaide by 7


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