Then there were 9....

As reported by Boti Nagy on Adelaide Now, Sixers captain Adam Gibson will miss Friday's season opener against Perth. It's a big blow to the team, who were already going to be in a tough battle containing new imports James Ennis and Jermaine Beal. Now Adelaide is down probably it's best lockdown defender.

So who gets his spot?

Going off the pre-season you'd expect Jason Cadee to get the role. I'm hoping though Mitch Creek gets a crack at it. Here's why.

1) Defense
Creek is a far better defender than JC (you heard it here first!) and will be needed to ensure Beal doesn't get off to a hot start. Cadee is 6cm shorter than Beal and gives up a few kg too. If both Beal and Ennis get going, Frye and Creek will need extended minutes. I'd play it safe and ensure we start with our best defensive unit.

2) Team Balance
Ervin will likely get a lot of minutes in this one too and Cadee should be used to give G-Money a breather or to take the 1 spot if Ervin gets going and moves to the 2. Starting with our best defensive lineup allows us to adjust as the game plays out, going big with


or small ball with


It will be interesting to see how Joey uses Cadee this year but I'm hopeful he'll pretty much be used primarily at point guard. In this one it makes sense for Creek to get more of Gibbo's minutes than Jason.

A tough game has gotten that little bit harder and Adelaide will need solid debuts from Ervin and Frye, another big DJ-Perth game and solid help from Creek or Schensch.

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