The Numbers: 36ers v Hawks 19/10/13

Adam Gibson's third quarter was huge. He compiled 10 points, 3 assists, a steal and a rebound for the period, helping Adelaide  move from a 49-53 deficit to a 77-69 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Gibson played the full 10 minutes in the third and compiled a "+12" for the quarter, helping him finish with an ultra impressive +18 for the game. Gibson's defense and third quarter offensive output went a long way to helping Adelaide get the W. The numbers tell us though that even before that third quarter outburst, Gibson was a large part of why Adelaide was still in the game. His stellar defense on Clarke, his steadying influence and his ball movement (7 assists) kept the 36ers ticking but it was when he started hitting some shots that Adelaide built a game-winning lead.

Three other players registered a solid + for the game

Creek (+8)
You didn't have to be a basketball aficionado to see Creek's influence on the game. He seemed to have a hand in most baskets when he was on, played strong D and recorded a block and a steal along the way. Creek has picked up from where he left off last year- ensuring that Adelaide doesn't miss a beat and in fact lifts it's game when Creek subs in.

Schenscher (+6)
In 11 minutes he didn't take a shot, pulled down only 3 rebounds and blocked just one shot, yet he registered +6. How? Teams double him when he has the ball and he's an excellent passer. Defensively, not too many go close to the basket when Luke is camped under the basket. So he changes the game. Next time you see Luke in there seemingly have a "shocker", keep an eye on the scoreboard and see if he's really having a negative impact.

Anthony (+4)
Anthony was on for every minute that Adelaide built a lead in that impressive third quarter. He's a true energy player, coming on and going hard for boards and scrapping for whatever he can get.

Other +/- results for the game

Petrie        +1
Frye         +1
Teys          0
Ervin         -1
Cadee       -3
Johnson     -4


  1. How does Ervin get a -1 when he scores 24 points?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It means that the Hawks outscored the Sixers by 1 point in the minutes Ervin was on the court.

  4. Daniel's right. -1 isn't huge but stands out next to Gibbo. It makes sense that when Gibbo was off, Cadee was on which impacts Gary. Over the season the +/- shakes out pretty well. In the NBA it's often the flat out scorers who play no D that have the worst +/-. Check out the NBA +/- totals from last year and you'll see the theme


  5. Makes perfect sense now. Thanks guys! Long time lover of your blog Forcey!


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