4 Days.....

There's only 4 days remaining until another 36ers era begins. Adelaide heads to Perth to take on the Wildcats in what should be a cracking game.

In case you aren't up to date, here's some of the latest news from the club

Adam Gibson (pictured) becomes the sole captain, supported by vice-captain Gary Ervin

Mitch Creek will be a guest on Fresh FM each Tuesday morning around 8am, talking about the weekend gone and weekend ahead.

On Wednesday's, the club will run a "Way Back Wednesday" feature, taking us back to some of the great games and performances from it's past. Sounds like a nice idea and will be a good way for fans to keep a more regular interaction happening with the club.

On Thursday's, the club will run a video of Gibbo interviewing one of his team mates or club employees.

Again, credit to GM Dean Parker for living up to his word of the club lifting it's social media presence.

Would be great for them to also lift video footage shown on game night's and to allow in-game social media interaction.

Obviously once the season is underway you'll hear lots more from us too. Here's what you can expect

The day before each game we'll do a game preview

On game day we'll feature any late news and have a detailed post-match report up within 2 hours of the game.

On Monday's we'll run "The Numbers", a stats analysis of the weekend game(s).

We'll be running podcasts this year and aim to have more interviews with club staff and players.

Keep the feedback coming. Should be a great year.

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