Members Day

Yesterday, I attended the Adelaide 36ers Members Day. There was a decent turnout and fans got great access to the club facilities and players. Here's a few things that might be of interest.

As displayed above, the club has a new logo. Not earth-shatteringly different but a new look to go with a new team.

Joey hinted during a chat to some members that the likely starting unit would be Ervin/Gibson/Frye/Petrie/DJ. That's pretty much what most of us expected, although I guessed Schenscher would start and Petrie would remain in his 6th man role, despite his stellar season. Big Luke is still having some issues with his back and knees and it seems he'll very much be nursed through the season and saved for impact in the playoffs- all going to plan. Schensch is certainly overqualified for a 6th man role but he should be able to have a huge impact going against other team's back up bigs, such as Jeremiah Trueman, Ben Allen and Greg Vanderjagt. If he can shut down his opponent and be the focal point of offense with the second unit, the Sixers will be able to go hard for 40 minutes without missing a beat.

I don't want to go too early but the Ervin/Frye combo brings back memories of the Mee/Brooks combo. While very much different  duo's, Ervin was added to Adelaide after some impressive performances for a rival club (as Mee was). His import running mate was suggested upon his recommendation (as Brooks was) and in the end the new guy ended up providing many of the highlights (as Frye no doubt will). With Creeks's recovery seemingly ahead of schedule, Adelaide could throw out some of it's best defensive lineups of all-time. How would you like to go up against a Gibson/Frye/Creek/Petrie/Schenscher lineup?

Overall it was a good day and well-appreciated by the fans. Fans got to get up close through scrimmages, half-court shootouts and photo and autograph opportunities. Improvements for next time might include..............

-a better PA system. I lost count of the number of "veteran" fans around me who complained that they couldn't hear a word being said.
-a better queueing system for getting membership packs. An hour in line was pretty poor.
-instead of a Lightning versus Sixers scrimmage, a scrimmage within both teams would have been much better to watch.

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