Rob Rose Podcast Notes

On Tuesday night, I had the good fortune to call Rob Rose and do an interview for our inaugural podcast (if you haven't heard it yet, listen to it here ). Rob shared a few things I hadn't heard before, especially the detail around the Blakemore furore in the 1995 finals. Here's a few things I thought it was worth mentioning in the aftermath.

1995- I didn't have it in front of me so Rob and I had trouble recalling who was on the '95 team. For the record, Phil Smyth wasn't on the team, Ninnis and McKay were.

Minutes- His minutes log in 1995 was phenomenal. He played the entire game in 22 of 31 outings. Considering we played 48min games back then and guys now rarely play more than 32-35 minutes it's mind-boggling. I agree with Rob's point that imports are "paid to play" and should be regularly playing in the 35-38 minute range every game.

Imports- Listening to him talk, it reminded me of the mindset imports should have and how critical it is they are the best players on teams. The league has certainly changed and there will be scenarios where teams are able to secure the cream of the local talent and can simply "top up" with imports but generally I believe the imports should be playing the bulk of the game, making other players better, providing leadership and dominating the points/rebounds/assists categories.

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