And Frye Makes 10

The 36ers rounded out their roster today, announcing American Jarrid Frye as their second import and final piece of the 2013-2014 roster.

It wasn't easy finding much information online on Frye but we can tell you....

-He's 28 years old
-He's 6"5-6"6
-He's from Queens
-He played his college ball at Sacred Heart, averaging 11pts, 4 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl.
-Entered but not was selected in the 2007 "Oden/Durant" draft
-Has played professionally in USA, Macedonia and Iceland

Based on the above it's pretty hard to get over-excited by Frye's signing but he's a low risk option for Adelaide with some upside. He averaged 25/8/4 in his most recent stint in Iceland. On paper that's impressive but if you asked me to name the best 5 players to ever play in Iceland..... I'd struggle. Iceland did come 3rd in the recent "Games of the Small States of Europe", losing out to powerhouses Luxembourg and Cyprus and had to settle for a bronze medal. But I digress. While Iceland may hardly be a hoops haven, averaging 25 and 8 there is better than struggling in Belarus (sorry Scotty).

On opening night Adelaide will trot our 4 players who have been MVP candidates (or won it) and Frye. There will be little pressure on Frye and if he doesn't pan out Adelaide will simply slot Mitch Creek into the starting lineup. The main knack I can see on Frye is his outside and free throw shooting. Considering they are also Creek's main deficiencies that's hardly ideal, but luckily Adelaide can cover that with other players.

The team has a great starting unit and a super bench. Every starter is capable of scoring 20 without breaking a sweat and all can impact or dominate a game defensively. Ervin can annoy and "pick the pocket", Gibson is one of the league's elite defenders, Frye has regularly averaged between 1-2 steals over his career and Schenscher can still dominate a game defensively. Which leaves DJ. His defense has been somewhere between missing-promising in his Adelaide tenure but we saw some improvements last year and I'll be stunned if he doesn't become a 3 "stocks" (steals/blocks) guy under Wright. Hopefully coach Joey Wright saw some of DJ's moments as the front man of a full court press last year and got some ideas on how best to utilise Johnson.

So get excited Adelaide fans.

Before he's coached a single game, our new coach has already achieved great success, assembling a title contender and the best lineup Adelaide has put on the floor this millennium.  There will be some challenges (utilising the Twin Towers, breaking in a new import, balancing the Ervin/Gibson/Cadee backcourt, keeping Anthony and Teys happy) but I'm backing this roster to work one way or another. If Frye struggles, it just means Creek gets more time. If DJ and Schensch don't work, in comes Petrie. The team goes 10 deep.

Add to all that the fact Jason Cadee will return to the team after dominating in the recent World Uni Games as our first guard off the bench and there's a lot to be pumped about.

Go Sixers!


  1. I hope Jarrid Frye does at the very least 2 things with the 36ers. Lasts longer than John Williamson (ie we actually get game time from him), and that he's an upgrade on Christopherson (does anyone know where SC has ended up?).

    I wonder, by signing Frye does it mean Joey Wright has plans to give Mitch Creek more court time than Clarke did?

  2. I think you're safe on both counts......

    Frye is a win/win. Low cost, low risk. If he pans out, great. If he doesn't, it just fast tracks Mitch.


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