Off-season Update #4- Is 10 too much?

As of today, the 36ers roster look like this

PG- Cadee
SG- Gibson
SF- Creek
PF- Johnson
C- Schenscher

Bench- Petrie, Anthony, Teys

With two imports to join that mix, things start to get interesting.

One import will be a bonafide US point guard. That means Boomer Jason Cadee (pictured) will likely move to a bench role. Cadee got his first chance at a regular starting role last year but hardly made it his own. He wasn't "thrown the ball" as he should have been but instead was asked to play as a two guard. Cadee's shot was still a work in progress and he was unable to play his natural game. We don't know whether Clarke was trying to turn him into a combo guard, was trying to develop his shooting and scoring or just making him play second fiddle to Gibbo. Whatever the reason was, it didn't work and has probably stunted Cadee's growth- for now. Cadee's minutes figure to drop heavily playing behind an import and Boomer. Adelaide may benefit from this though with Cadee likely to be a lot "looser" with a clear role as the back-up point guard with no-on else behind him like Daly and Crosswell were last year.

The second import will likely be a small forward, more likely at a bargain basement price. This likely means that Creek will be again play an off-the-bench role. Under normal circumstances this would be a bummer but Creek is coming off an Achilles injury, one of the tougher basketball injuries to return from. Mitch will get time to work on getting his match fitness up and can stake his claim for a full-fledged starters role in 2014.

If Coach Wright gets the imports right, this team should be a force of nature. The lineup consists of current and former Boomers, players tearing up their local leagues, several players being reunited with the coach under whom they played their best basketball.....all good things.

Unless 10 becomes too many.

Having a team where the sixth to tenth men all feel they deserve decent minutes can get messy. We know guys 1-8 all deserve 15-25 minutes but if Anthony and Teys can translate their current form to the NBL Coach Wright will have to juggle better than this guy. I'm not getting ahead of myself but if the team can find an Ervin/Wilson/Jackson-type point guard and a Hurdle-type small forward the team has nearly all bases covered. Probably the only gap at the moment is a specialist shooter off the bench.

Wright's other big challenge will be to make the Twin Towers work. It's seems unlikely one of DJ or Schensch will be relegated to a bench role (which would be my preference), so Wright will have to find an offense and defense that best utilises their skills. If Wright can impoves DJ's focus, intensity and basketball IQ and get return Big Luke to a regular double-double threat a lot of issues will sort themselves out.

Get excited though 36ers fans, at the very least this will be the best Adelaide team you've seen in the last decade.

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