Interview: Coach Joey Wright

During the week, I emailed new Adelaide 36ers coach Joey Wright a few questions to bring us up to speed with how things are coming along for the new season. Here's the transcript.

36R: Congratulations on getting the Adelaide job Joey. What sort of game style can we expect from the team this year?
JW: We will play an up-tempo " Run and Stun" , fast offence and hard defence.

36R:  How are things progressing with securing an import (or two) and filling out the rest of the roster?
JW: We are working through what imports we can fit into our current salary and points cap and hope to have a few options for you at the end of July.

36R: You'll be reunited with several former players, can you detail what you''ll expect individually of Adam, Jason and Anthony this year?
JW: It's hard to define roles at this point as we don't have all 10 guys signed . I can say I expect them to be nothing less than great! Lol.

36R: There's been a lot of changes in the league or late. What do you see as key to sustaining the viability of the league for the next 5-10 years?
JW: We have to understand we are a commercial product and not just a development league for Europe. This game was sold to the Australian public in the 80's with flair and excitement and as the years went on we decided to become too pure. Bring back the nicknames, get into the schools and tell the Australian public how great this game is!!! More kids play basketball than any other sport , it must be great.

36R:  Last of all, who'll win the NBA finals?
JW: Heat all the way but would live to see the Spurs Win it.

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