Offseason update #1

During the offseason, we'll be posting a little more infrequently and just updating on the key news. Here's what's happened since our last post.

Captain Adam Gibson has committed to the club for a further 2 years, with an option for a third. This is a big signing for the club. Gibson was solid but not spectacular this year, although we've learned in the aftermath he wasn't in the best shape returning from London and struggled with various injuries. Gibson is a great defender and possesses a great mid-range shot but didn't get to the basket regularly and only shot 34% on three-pointers. Bringing in an import who'll "own" the point guard role would free Gibson up to have a more defined role as our lockdown defender and spot-up shooter.

I had commented several times that's Gibson's departure wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as it would free up some much needed money and points. With the likely departure of Steve Weigh, it looks like the team can manage to keep him and still recruit two imports, the only catch will be that one of them will need to be a bargain.

While bringing in an import helps Gibson, it means promising guard Jason Cadee will have to accept a role off the bench. This will clearly be a letdown for him but his 2012-2013 season did little to justify a starter's role. Cadee averaged 7.5 points, 2.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 25 minutes a game. A bigger concern was his shooting percentages (39% FG, 30% 3PT, 61% FT). On the right team with the right team mates playing a free flowing style Cadee would thrive. Marty Clarke's management of him didn't help and it will be interesting to see how he responds being reunited with Joey Wright.

Adam Gibson, Jason Cadee, Daniel Johnson and Anthony Petrie have all earned call-ups for the Boomers initial squad to take on China in the upcoming series. The squad will be missing  it's big names and this squad is purely a look at the future and potential 11th and 12th men for the 2014 World's and 2016 Olympics. I'll be keen to see the opportunities Petrie and Johnson get. Petrie could be a sneaky chance to earn a spot for the World Championships next year, especially if some of the key bigs are missing. Petrie has all the tools to be a very handy 10th-12th man. He's a great team mate from all reports, can provide some handy scoring from inside or out and won't be intimidated by anyone. Johnson still needs some work on his toughness and defense to be a contributor on the world stage but a season or two under Wright might help develop his game to the point he could be a chance for the 2016 Olympics. Still a lot of water to go under the bridge for that though.

Plenty of good news around the team so far, let's hope the next piece of news relates to securing a name import......

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