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Steve Weigh (courtesy Millbank Photography)

After the exciting announcement of Joey Wright's signing last week, things have suddenly gone quiet around the 36ers.

It will likely be a good 6-8 weeks until the import situation is clearer as a lot depends on 2 of last year's key contributors.

Rumours are strong that Gibson has signed for 2 years but it is not official at this stage. GM Dean Parker said the following in his "Dean's Desk" email to members last week...

Adam Gibson does not currently have a contract with the Adelaide 36ers. Adam is now overseas and he and I had a chat before he left about the future. Adam wants to stay and we want Adam to stay, so from here, discussions take place with his agent and we aim to finalise that deal. Yes, Adam did have an option, although once free agency commenced, the options are not available anymore and it becomes a new contract. This is a positive, as both parties wanted a longer term commitment than the one year. We are working through this and we will confirm with our fans when a decision is made.

So it sounds positive and looks likely "Gibbo" will be back.

Wright is high on Weigh (pictured) but it doesn't look possible for Adelaide to retain him if Wright is prioritising signing an athletic import 3 man. Weigh will succeed somewhere but it looks unlikely to be here. If Adelaide does secure an import small forward, it allows Creek to work his way back from his injury and split minutes at the 3 spot. All things considered, Adelaide would be best served going for a cheaper import forward who can play solid defense and hit the three, allowing Creek to provide versatility as an aggressive slasher/scrapper.

A key to the club shoring up it's finances to go after some quality players will be for members to renew or sign up ASAP. The club is aiming for 5000 members but currently does not even have 10% of that number signed up for 2013-2014. If you haven't signed, get on board now to ensure you get a great seat and help pump some much needed finances into the club during the off-season.

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  1. I think Gibbo will stay now that the 36ers have signed Joey Wright (any word on who his assistant will be?) But my question is, what does this mean for Jason Cadee? JC moved to Adelaide because he wasn't getting the opportunities to start under Wright at the Blaze (though not many in the NBL would behind Gibbo and DeLeon). If we manage to land a decent import guard, does he get shunted to the bench again?

    As for Stephen Weigh, I think he'll do well wherever he lands in the NBL (even if it is back here). But after two years of being spoon fed premium game time under Marty Clarke, despite more often than not going missing in games until it was too late, he might find it hard having to actually perform to get the same court time. He has the talent to do that, but talent isn't everything. I hope for him that he finds the desire and work ethic because he is one who could light up this league with his outside shooting.

    As for Mitch Creek.....I too can see him being slowly worked back in after he returns from injury. And if we sign a good import SF it will help his development. Though I can see Joey giving him the game time he deserves, unlike Marty Clarke who only seemed to give him time when Weigh needed a 2 minute break.

    Wright is a good signing for us. He has NBL runs on the board, being a championship winning coach. And I don't blame him for the teams he coached no longer being in the NBL, that had a lot more to do with the economic times and bad choices by the teams owners more than it did with him. He got that rep (unfairly I think) mainly because the coach is often the public face of club and team management. Depending on who he brings into the team, I think we can at the very least be the contenders most thought we would be last year.

    I don't often say this, but I think under Joey Wright its onwards and upwards for the 36ers from here.

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