Wright on Time

The 36ers today resisted sentimental options and got the right man, naming former Blaze and Bullets coach Joey Wright as their coach for the next three years. Wright will bring much need respect and toughness to a team that has floundered for the last five years.

Wright officially starts on July 1, although he will apparently be recruiting hard in the meantime, trying to fill the remaining roster spots. In many ways this is his biggest challenge. Wright indicated in today's "Adelaide Now" article with Boti Nagy that he'd like two imports, ideally a big point guard and a small forward.

How much flexibility Wright will have depends on whether Boomer Adam Gibson decides to stay in Radelaide and be reunited with his former coach or whether he wants to make another move. Wright was quoted in the above article as saying ""If we can keep Gibbo (Adam Gibson) then we start from a strong position." All things considered, expect Gibson to stay.

Wright was quoted as saying the club will be on 54 of the allowable 70 points if Gibson stays. Fortunately he is incorrect, if Gibson stays the club would be on 44 points, leaving them 26 points (not 16) to cover 4 players. The league has verified the above, although Gibson has appealed his rise to 10 points. If his appeal is successful the club will then be on 43 points.

Assuming Adelaide has 26 points to play with, they could bring in two imports (likely a big point guard and small forward according to Wright) plus perhaps retain Tom Daly and either retain Pero or bring in a development player. That would give Adelaide the following roster.

PG- Import
SG- Gibson
SF- Import
PF- Johnson
C- Schenscher

Backup guards- Cadee, Daly, Creek
Backup Bigs- Petrie, Pero/Development Big Man

That lineup just fits in points wise, but Wright may struggle to assemble a roster with Gibson, Johnson, Schenscher and two imports without some creative accounting (ie our imports become highly paid ambassadors for Balfours Frog Cakes). If he and the club can make it work, we all of a sudden have a championship-calibre team.

Wright should help lift the club's profile, make them more competitive and bring in some solid imports.

Exciting times are ahead.

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