Shooters Are Good

If we fans learned one thing from the Grand Final series between New Zealand and Perth, it's gotta be the need to have some shooters. The Breakers trio of Corletto, Webster and Bruton proved to be the difference, completely outplaying Perth's trio of Lisch, Bartlett & Carter. Just look at the numbers.

Trio                                      Points                 FG%                         3Pt%               
Corletto/Webster/Bruton       57                      19/39 (48.7)             10/19 (52.6)
Lisch/Carter/Bartlett              46                       13/57 (22.8)             5/30 (16.7)

There wasn't a huge difference in the points contribution from each trio, it's just that the Breaker's guards were extremely efficient while Perth's guards points came at a large cost. Bartlett was 0/11 from the three-point line for the series and Carter went 0/6 from there in game 2.  Lisch outscored Corletto for the series by 3 points but took an extra 7 shots to get them.

Adelaide's lack of shooting from the bench was a problem all year. CJ Massingale was the only real "shooting" guard of any note off the bench and neither he or replacement Christopherson gave Adelaide any decent help from range off the bench. This was critical with starting guards Gibson and Cadee both shooting under 35% from outside for the year.

Adelaide's last true shooter who came off the bench was Darren Ng (pictured) and he was sorely missed this year. In the off-season the Sixers must ensure they bring in some shooting help. Corletto's story is a great one, an under appreciated guard who was given a lifeline by the Breakers and has thrived under a very simple, defined role. CJ Bruton's don't grow on trees and finding a veteran with his ability in the clutch will be hard to find. The club can unearth a local kid (like Webster) though, someone who can shoot the lights out when given a chance.

Team's now will be trying to copy the Breaker's blueprint...and they should. A dynamic import point guard, surrounded by some solid shooters, an athletic "3", smart forwards who pass as well as they rebound and bigs who work hard, intimidate on defence and get is the right spots for cheap baskets.

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  1. Hopefully without Marty Clarke doing the recruiting the 36ers will be able to get some decent shooters. And further to that, if we do get at least one or two the new coach will be able to run plays to get them open shots. As much as he got bloody good court time, it must have been frustrating for someone like Stephen Weigh who could have thrived by getting open 3 point shots a lot more than he did..


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