Player Points

Today, the NBL detailed the player points for the upcoming season. Based on this (and who is available), I've come up with a list of players who fill needs and at least deserve a phone call from the club.

Dusty Rychart 5 (down from 7)
CJ Bruton 7 (down from 8)
Greg Hire 7 (up from 4)
Aaron Bruce 7 (stays on 7)
Gary Ervin 10 (stays on 10)
Larry Davidson 9 (up from 8)
Tim Coenraad 7 (stays on 7)
David Gruber 7 (stays on 7)
Auryn MacMillan 4 (up from 3)

The current roster (Schenscher, Petrie, Johnson, Cadee) accounts for 30 points. If Gibson (9) and Creek (4) remain, that takes the points up to 43. That leaves 27 points to get 4 players, which basically restricts you to one import and three average players. Hence why Gibson leaving won't necessarily be a bad thing. Just the facts.

Assuming Creek stays, the club then sits on 34 points.  That's enough to get two imports plus various combinations of Rychart/Bruce/Hire/Bruton/Coenraad/Gruber/MacMillan. How would you fancy this lineup that can be purchased for 70 points (I believe it would fit under the cap too).........

PG- Import
SG- Creek
SF- Import
PF- Johnson
C- Schenscher

Backup guards- Cadee, Coenraad
Backup bigs- Petrie, MacMillan, Rychart

With Joey Wright as coach............

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  1. Rychart is past his time now, even though I love the guy the club needs more, MacMillan is not worth it, but to bring back Bruce and introduce someone like Ervin would do this club wonders, and I totally agree with Joey Wright
    CREEK MUST STAY - AMAZING player and a well respected man within the community!


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