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Going by Boti Nagy's "Adelaide Now" article yesterday, there's some quality coaching prospects throwing their hats into the ring for the vacant 36ers job. Here's my thoughts on some of the main contenders.

JOEY WRIGHT (Pictured)
My choice for our next coach. Runs on the board with several clubs, knows the league well and has had a chance to sit back and observe the competition. Knows several of the existing players well, super keen to get back into the league......a logical choice. He'll bring toughness and demand excellence. Will ensure we sign a top tier import (or two). Plus he wears a tie. Would you prefer a coach who wears a tie or doesn't wear a tie? Kind of like asking if you would prefer a Prime Minister who wakes up at 5am and goes for a bike ride or one who rolls over and hits the snooze button.

Strong candidate who also has done well in two different cities. Class act, can coach both ends of the floor well and is a great developer of talent. I think he'll either stay in Perth or look for bigger $$$ somewhere. Doubt Adelaide can throw the money at him that would make him want to leave, unless his relationship with club brass is that fractured.

Sentimental choice. I think he'd be excellent for developing DJ, Cadee and Peach especially. Question marks over time out of the game, motivation and if his system would work with the current roster.

He really should have been given a crack halfway through last year. Going up against strong candidates and should only seriously be considered if Wright or Beveridge don't pan out. Wouldn't hurt him to come in as a part-time assistant to get his toe in the water.

Just kidding

Excellent resumes but something just doesn't feel right about these guys. Not sure the amount of money or "bright lights" of Adelaide would be enough to entice them.

Trevor Gleeson, Brendan Joyce

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