The Numbers: Hawks vs 36ers 23/3/13

This week, the numbers proved to paint a pretty good picture of what went wrong for Adelaide in a disappointing finish to it's season.

ADAM GIBSON (5pts, 4 boards, 2 assists)
Went through the motions in this one and did little to suggest he's coming back. Continually fed Weigh down the stretch but rarely looked for his shot or to create anything. A talented player and one of the best "both ends" guards in the league but was never used right and struggled to play four solid quarters.

STEVE WEIGH (22pts, 9 boards)
Showed his offensive skills down the stretch when the game was cooked. He'll thrive when he finally gets put in a system that sets him up for open looks. Can impact a game on the boards and needs to continue to develop this part of his game.

JASON CADEE (3pts, 2 assists)
Sadly "JC" has had a few games with these sorts of numbers this season. Another who would thrive in another system (fast-paced, spread floor) but struggles in the half-court. Needs to work on a lot in the off-season to see him live up to his potential. He can get to the basket, create something from nothing and play good pressure D but has not done all of them in the same game.

After a "career game" last round, Christopherson didn't fire a shot...literally. Clearly a "bail out" option only which is a shame because our guards got so used to looking for options at the opposite side of the floor to him that they kept missing when he was left dead open. I know I've banged on about this and it's not like he's Reggie Miller 2.0 but we should have utilised him more.

DANIEL JOHNSON (4/5 FG, 12 pts)
Has dominated in 2 of 3 games versus the Hawks but rarely saw the ball this time around. Some of it was good D, some it was.............other stuff.

The above tells us the team's offense was not economical and that was true. The team only scored 64 points in one of it's worst offensive games of the season. The team defense was a lot better this year, thanks largely to the addition of Gibbo and the improvement in DJ and Weigh but it's erratic offense was it's major problem this year.

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