The Numbers: 36ers v Taipans 9/3/13

40. 22. 63

Those numbers represent Adelaide's field goal, three point and free throw percentages last night. Not good. For all of the criticism of the coaching, playing time distribution, lineups used etc those numbers are pretty damning. Adelaide's free throw shooting down the stretch essentially cost it the game but it's field goal shooting in the first quarter (3/15) hardly helped either.

Adelaide's main shot takers for the night were DJ (17 attempts), Steve Weigh (16 attempts) and Anthony Petrie (13 attempts). On paper that's a good spread, although you'd probably like to see Adam Gibson sandwiched in between Johnson and Weigh. Let's look at each guy's return.

9/17 FG
0/1 3PT
3/3 FT

Johnson kept the scoreboard ticking and generally took good shots. For once he didn't do most of his work in the first quarter. In fact he only had one attempt in the opening period. He hit his free throws and only took one three. All in all a solid offensive game.

4/16 FG
2/8 3PT
1/2 FT

Half of Weigh's attempts were threes and most looked pretty good off the hands. At home, Weigh generally shoots better at the eastern end and shoots well in fourth quarters. Last night he was 2/5 in the second half (eastern end) but just 1/3 in the fourth quarter on threes. Sixteen shots is a lot for Weigh and generally that would be a good thing but it was just one of those nights.

6/13 FG
1/5 3PT
2/4 FT

Peach put up decent numbers without truly exerting his influence on the game. He only played 28 minutes as Marty Clarke several times opted to play Johnson, Weigh and three guards. Petrie's three point shooting was a let down for the night and he missed two key free throws down the stretch that he's probably still kicking himself over.


  1. Petrie did have 2 early fouls but those free throws were brutal. With no Luke I was surprised Pero wasn't used when Edwards started manhandling our small lineups.

  2. Pero had been getting a few more runs of late, surprised he got a DNP-CD


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