The Numbers: 36ers v Cairns

Any stats review of last night's 36ers game has to start and finish here

4/8 threes

Christopherson started well, scoring 5pts in the first quarter. He hit 1/2 threes and both his free throws. He got into the game a little earlier than normal, coming on at the 6:16 mark and playing through to the 2:51 mark of the second quarter.

He cooled off a little in the 2nd period, going 1/5. Marty Clarke stayed with him though despite the misses and gave him a nice 13+ minute stretch to work into the game. He only scored 3 for the quarter but went into half-time with an NBL career high of 8 points.

Christopherson had to wait a lot longer to get into the game again in the second half and must have been fearful his cold shooting in the 2nd might have brought an end to his night. To Clarke's credit though, he called Scotty's number again. "Christo" came on at the 3:48 mark and only took one shot (and missed it).

Christopherson remained in the lineup to start the 4th. He remained on until the 2:52 mark when Steve Weigh came in for him. Christopherson had scored 5 to that point for the quarter, including two free throws that gave the Sixers their first lead lead of the game. It looked like his night was over until captain Adam Gibson fouled out, giving him another chance for glory. "The Microwave" responded, hitting a three with twelve seconds left to bring it back to 73-70. That was his last attempt for the game though and the Sixers went down 76-73.

It was a very pleasing performance and certainly gave Adelaide fans something to be happy about. That game won't get him another contract but at least he showed he can hit the three as touted and gives him a  good memory of his time in the NBL. Not surprisingly, his 24:57 minutes were the second most he'd played all year and it was the first time in 9 games he received over 20 minutes of court time.


  1. SC had a good game on Friday night and it was good to see. Too little too late though as your right, it won't win him another NBL contract. But his performance did show a glimpse of why we recruited him in the first place. Pity, if he had shown this sort of form earlier it might have given him a chance of another contract either here or somewhere else in the NBL.

    I wonder, how many of SC's 24:57 were spent with Crosswell running the point? I wouldn't think it would be a lot, especially as our veteran co-captain only spent 4:31 on court and in that time he put up one shot (missed), gave an assist and was credited with a TO.

    The wooden spoon is now officially ours for the second time in a row under Marty Clarke and the third time in the past four seasons.

    Just on the members forum, I think that Dean Parker's comments regarding the 36ers coaching position being reviewed at the end of the season was more a case of not announcing anything publicly before the season's finished than anything else, despite the fact that most who went to the forum were probably hoping/expecting to hear that Clarke will not be retained. After finishing 8th (second last), 9th (last) and 8th (last) in his 3 seasons here its pretty much a given that Clarke won't be retained for 2013-14.

  2. Just again on Marty Clarke, I know this won't be a popular thing to say with many 36ers fans.....but even though he has been a failure as the head coach of the 36ers, the club could do a hell of a lot worse than to keep him on either as an assistant coach (i.e. not in charge of game day) or as a development coach, a position he has been very successful with in his previous job at the AIS.

    While his game coaching in the past 3 seasons has left a lot to be desired, his knowledge of basketball and his record as a development coach is among the best in the country. Just don't put him in charge of import recruiting.....


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