The Numbers: 3

For this week's number's we're going to focus on three interesting stats for every key active player. We'll reference some stuff from the NZ but largely try to suppress those memories.

Away FG%- 46
Away 3PT%- 44
4th Qtr Pts- 4.76

For whatever reason, "Gibbo" has been far better on the road than at home this year. His field goal and three point percentages are excellent when he's not at Adelaide Arena (must be that "toxic" crowd). Gibson has also scored well in 4th quarters, with his scoring average well and truly up for the last period. The NZ game was a reminder of what damage Gibson can do in a quarter, unfortunately he's had too many games with one or two listless quarters. His second half fadeout thursday was troubling after his huge second quarter.

Wins %'s- 47 & 52
Home 3pt%- 49
4th %'s- 46 & 52

I sat next to a lovely old man at the Breakers game and at one point he said "that Steven Weigh is a very good player". I think he has huge upside but we amazingly haven't seen his best despite his heavy minutes. Those percentages paint the picture of a very good shooter, yet Weigh takes only the fourth most attempts per game. In wins, Weigh's shooting has been important. The numbers tell us he needs more three point attempts, especially at home and especially in fourth quarters. If Weigh and Gibson are hitting (as happened for periods of Thursday's game), it makes the Sixers that much more dangerous.

Assists- 2.6
Win assists- 3.3
Home points- 5.5

Cadee was given a lot more time at the point Thursday, yet put in a largely disappointing performance (5 points, 2 assists)  in a rare chance to run the team. He has largely played more as a two guard this year but even so his 2.6 assists per game is far too low for a player with his skill set. Interestingly, in wins Cadee's averages 3.3 assists per game (up from 2.2 in losses) and Gibson's are down, showing what seems blatantly obvious to most of us- the team would be more dangerous with Cadee running the point and Gibson being able to focus on his outside shooting and lock down defense. Cadee has struggled mightily with his shot at home and this role change would be seemingly even more beneficial here.

Per 40- 10/3/4
Away %'s- 45 & 50
Turnovers- 4

Daly has been getting more time in the last month and has shown some positive signs. His "per 40" numbers have improved and are now very close to Cadee's "per 40" numbers. Daly has performed better on the road, which is a little unusual for a young player but his composure is one of his key assets. Daly has only tallied 4 turnovers for the year and averages one every 31.5 minutes, significantly better than Cadee (1 per 21) or Gibson (1 per 15). He's done well in fourth quarters too, playing smart defense and showing the ability to knock down the tough shot. Case in point- he led Adelaide in scoring for the fourth quarter against NZ.

Blocks- 0.9
Wins "Stocks"- 2.7
Wins boards- 7.3

Big Schensch has had an up-and-down season (and no that's not a bad pun relating to his fall). His best performance was a a huge 25/16 game versus the Breakers. His worst..... take your pick from several terrible games against Perth where he had 4/3 type games. His defensive game went south after a promising start to the year and his major contributions have mainly been on the offensive end. He's only averaging 0.9 blocks a game, which should almost be impossible. In wins he averages 2.7 "stocks" (steals and blocks) as opposed to 1.2 in losses. In wins his rebounding has also been a factor, with his numbers going from 4.2 in losses to 7.3 in wins. Schenscher had had his moments but it seems obvious in year 2 of the "Twin Towers" Adelaide will need to look to use Luke quite differently.

FG%- 46
Wins Averages- 12.8pts & 7.4 reb
FT%- 67%

Petrie has stepped up well with Schenscher's injury, playing a key role in his last 3 starts. "Peach" leads the team in field goal percentage at 46% with  his almost automatci mid-range jumper. His wins points and rebounds averages are well up on his loss averages (9.8 and 5.1). Petrie was an important cog off the bench but the team has looked a lot  better with him starting. If he could just improve his free-throw percentage, which currently sits at a disappointing 67%

%'s- 39 & 24
FT's- 7.38 & 5.75
4th qtr FT%- 86

Thursday night was a good snapshot of DJ's season. When teams get physical with him and the refs don't bail him out, he struggles. With Schenscher out, DJ has focused more on scoring near the basket and he has been more efficient. His yearly numbers of 39% from the field and 24% from the three point line are not good though and highlight his need to get to the line. Of Johnson's 411 points for the season, 119 of them have come from freebies. That % is well out of whack against guys like Gibson (34 of 300) and Petrie (44 of 276). DJ gets a little more help from the refs at home, earning an extra 1.63 attempts a game. He's an excellent free throw shooter too, especially down the stretch where he's hitting at 86% for the year. To put that in perspective, the next best free throw shooter for Adelaide in 4th quarters is Petrie at a lowly 69%.

3pt%- 11
Ast/To ratio- 1.2
Averages- 3.1pts & 1.7ast

Crosswell was an important cog last year, becoming a helpful starter by default. This year he has become the backup point guard but has had little on court success. Clarke has given him 13.33 minutes a game and Crosswell's return of 3.1 points and 1.7 assists has been underwhelming to say the least. He has often been used in strange lineups and has struggled to impact many games at all. His 11% return from the three point line isn't that damaging as he's only taken nine threes, the bigger problem has been that he's been encouraged to shoot them by opponents. He has either taken them and missed (except once) or has continued to move he ball despite being dead open and having to defer to his team mates who are being guarded much more tightly. "Crossy" is also creating far too many turnovers, proven by his 1.2 assist/turnover ratio.

FG%- 23
3pt %- 14
Road averages- 0.7/0.2/0.7

On social media his name is being thrown up regularly as "worst import ever" and when you look at games like Thursday's (18min, 0pts, 1 ast, 3 to) it's getting harder and harder to defend him. He's shooting 23% from the field for the season and just 14% on threes. Not great for a guy who came in as a three-point specialist. On the road he's taken it down another level, averaging as many turnovers as points and just 0.2 assists. There's a couple of factors that haven't helped Christopherson but those numbers can't be defended.

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