Now What? (Review: 36ers v Hawks 23/3/13)

  Wollongong 74, Adelaide 64

Awful. Awful. Awful. But enough about NBL tv's coverage last night.

The Sixers went down to the Hawks yesterday 74-64, finishing the season at 8-20 and, to state the bleeding obvious, in need of an overhaul. This wasn't one of those season-enders where the coach played the kids and got everyone excited about the next season. Nope, this one reminded us how much this team needs a lot of work.

The game remained tight early, with Wollongong only truly creating some space in the last few minutes of the first quarter and leading 20-14 at quarter time. The game remained tight in the second with Wollongong threatening to blow the game apart several times before Adelaide got it back to 34-30 with 1:47 left in the half. Davidson and Deleon scored in the last minute though and gave their team a 38-30 lead at halftime.

Then the patented third quarter fadeout happened.

The third quarter was Adelaide at it's worst. The Hawks outscored Adelaide 24-12 for the quarter, with Adelaide playing perhaps it's worst defense for the year but also managing to stink it up on offense, going 2/6 from outside the three-point line and 2/7 inside it. Adelaide three key scorers (DJ,Peach,Gibbo) scored 7 points combined for the quarter as Adelaide struggled to get anything going. Wollongong on the other hand sliced Adelaide up, punishing some lazy defense by Adelaide's bigs.

As "patented" as the fadeouts are, so are the huge face saving comebacks. Adelaide won the quarter 22-12, thanks largely to 13 points from Stephen Weigh. His full repertoire was on display as he dunked, hit jumpers and hit threes. He also pulled down an impressive three offensive boards for the quarter but it was all too late.

Here's what stood out to me from this game.

"Gibbo" played over 37 minutes but his return was a measly 5 points, 4 boards and 2 assists. Yes he struggled with his shot but his effort and motivation were not where they normally are. Seemed more concerned with helping out Stephen Weigh get a good next contract.

Reminded us all of his offensive skills in that last quarter but it just highlighted how much he's struggled to keep the scoreboard ticking regularly (although not always entirely his fault). Has many of the tools needed to go down as one of the league's great "3" men, just needs to find the right coach who can take him to the next level.

After a nice game last week, Christopherson was all but frozen out this week. Took no shots but rarely saw the ball. Watch the replay and see how many times he was not just open but clearly ignored. DJ was also largely ignored, taking just 5 shots (1 less than Nathan Crosswell). There is a bit of a boys club going on which needs to be blown up. Some of that is related to trust but it won't cut it in a professional league.

This brings and end to the game reports this year. We'll have "The Numbers" up tomorrow plus a final stats update Tuesday. Following this, I'll be writing up a full season review, hopefully conducting an interview or two and a review of each player's season. Then I'll take a decent break, just updating on any news at the club on transactions and roster updates.

Thanks to everyone who has read and contributed. Some bigger and better things planned for next year that I'm pretty excited about. Stay tuned.

Paul (Forcey)


  1. Thanks for all your blogs throughout the year! I have read every one of them and have enjoyed them a great deal. Lets hope the Sixers return to the former glory next year.

  2. Thanks for the weekly blogs Paul, they've been a good read. Just a pity that they're not continuing for the next few weeks while we win the grand final. Maybe next year.....

    As for the game against the Hawks, I for one was hoping the guys would at least go out there with a "we've got nothing to lose" attitude. Unfortunately what we got was the 36ers playing like the season couldn't end quickly enough.

    If I were to give each player a rating out of 10, this is what it would be.....

    Gibbo: 2/10 - 37 minues, 5 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists. Generally wasted his time out there.

    Weigh: 6/10 - 34 minutes, 22 points, 9 rebounds. Got a lot of his points in junk time and gave away an offensive foul in the third through sheer frustration. Never gave up though.

    Cadee: 1/10 - Not much to say about his game. Hardly sighted.

    Daly: 4/10 - As usual gave his all, though anyone going up against DeLeon in this league is going to do it tough. Deserves a roster spot next season.

    SC: 0/10 - Nearly 9 minutes and was totally ignored when out there. Did he touch the ball?? Open for 3's so many times and was let down by team mates who were playing selfish ball. His last chance to impress in the NBL and he wasn't given that chance.

    Warbout: 1/10 - A Jan sighting. That's about as exciting as it got.

    Peach: 3/10 - Well down on his recent performances and barely had an influence. Only shot 4/11, missed all 3 3pt attempts and only 2 rebounds.

    DJ: 4/10 - A quiet game by his standards but still racked up his 8th double-double. Another who never gave up, but never quite got into it either.

    Crossy: 7/10 - His 350th and last game was probably his best this season. Not the way he would have wanted it to end but probably our best guard when he was out there. Good to see him take shots when he was open.

    Pero: 1/10 - Was never going to be an influence, though he did get a nice block on David Gruber in the 1st.

    Wollongong played like a team with everything to gain by winning. Adelaide played like they just wanted the season to be over. Pity, we could have taken the Hawks I think...

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Holden V8- Bit harsh with Gibbo and Peach I reckon and a little generous with Tommy D and Crossie.

    It was a poor performance to finish the year on but several guys seemed to have little motivation. As much as the guys have said good things about Marty in the press, their output over the last few weeks haven't proven to me they are desperate to see him get another chance. I may be reading between the lines but I've thought most of the praise from players has been calculated in that they've praised aspects of his coaching without saying "he's a brilliant coach and we'll be gutted if he goes". The players surely know the game style, rotations and structure aren't meshing.


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