Home Truths

If you're a 36ers season ticket holder, or have at least gone to most of the games this year, it will come as no surprise to learn the team hasn't performed well at home. Here's the cold hard facts.

14 games
4 wins
10 losses

The wins came against Melbourne, Cairns, Perth and Sydney.

Some players clearly find the home environment intimidating (or toxic as "Balls" might put it). Others perhaps just like hitting the road. Let's break down the key rotation guys and see who performs better at home or on the road

Schenscher +2.6
Johnson +0.7
Crosswell +0.6
Weigh -0.7
Gibson -1.3
Petrie -4
Cadee -6.1

Crosswell +24%
Schenscher +4%
Johnson 0
Petrie -1%
Weigh -4%
Gibson -5%
Cadee -13%

Johnson +20%
Weigh +9%
Schenscher  0%
Petrie -11%
Crosswell -14%
Gibson -14%
Cadee -29%

Gibson +22%
Schenscher +16%
Petrie +13%
Weigh +5%
Cadee -2%
Johnson -15%
Crosswell -40%

Those numbers tell us........

Up in all scoring categories at home except free throw shooting, thanks largely to that one Shaq like game at home versus Melbourne (4/12)

All  numbers down at home except free throw shooting (largely to a pretty small sample size).

Besides free throw shooting, a much more dangerous player on the road, where he scores an extra 4 a game.

Shoots free throws and threes better at home, scores more and a slightly better field goal percentage on the road.

Up in all categories at home. Loves Adelaide Arena.

Almost a completely different player on the road. I asked him in a recent interview what he puts it down to but he wasn't sure. All of his meaningful games have happened on the road, something he'll need to address.

Not a big scorer by any stretch of the imagination but is the opposite to Weigh, shooting threes and free throws far worse at home but scoring more at a better clip at home.

In short, only our bigs are Crosswell score more at home and at a better clip while the rest score more at a more efficient rate on the road. Whether it's the crowd or the rings or the layout it's hard to say but making our home court a fortress and one that brings out our players best will be key for 2013-2014. I went to the Breakers game a few weeks ago and was impressed by the little things like player introductions, standing until the team scores, chants etc that all play a part and help the home team while distracting the opposition.

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