"Crossie" bows out

Picture from Millbank Photography

This weekend will see Nathan Crosswell play his 350th and final game in the NBL. It's been quite a career and Crosswell has changed from a solid scorer (did you know he averaged over 15pts a game from 2003-2004?) to a veteran, pass-first point guard.

I wasn't highly enthused when Adelaide signed Crosswell last year. He'd come off a 5points, 2 assists season in Townsville and I figured he'd be a seldom used back-up for new point guard Chris Warren. When it turned out Warren wasn't a point guard, Crosswell was thrown into the starting lineup and performed admirably (see my season review of him last year here ). When he went down with a season-ending Achilles injury after just 9 games the team's chances were decimated. Here's his numbers for last year

9 games
22.39 min/game
46% FG
71% FT
0% 3PT (0 attempts)
7.7 pts
2 reb
4.7 ast
0.6 stl
2.2 to

"Crossie" fought back hard from his injury and made it back to start the new season. This time around Crosswell would be back to the bench as the backup for new recruits Adam Gibson and Jason Cadee. His minutes were always going to drop as the club needed to invest in it's new guards. Here's his numbers for the year so far

27 games
13.22 min/game
43% FG
50% FT
11% 3PT
3 pts
1.1 reb
1.7 ast
0.3 stl
1.3 to

At times, Crosswell has filled in admirably for Jason Cadee especially and helped stop opposition runs. He's had some strong defensive stretches against imports like Corin Henry and Adris Deleon and managed to have some immediate impact on games. At other times though shooting has been exposed and he's made costly mistakes at the line and with errant passes.

Crosswell won't go down as a legend but will long be remembered as an excellent team man, someone who carried himself with class and who got every last drop out of himself as a player.

Well done "Crossie"*

*This article is the first time I've spelled his nickname "Crossie" and not "Crossy". Never too late...........

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