The Ken Cole Bid

Earlier this week, Boti Nagy gave fans some excitement when he updated us on Ken Cole's ownership bid .
The highlight's of the bid are........

New Coach: Brett Maher
New CEO: Phil Smyth
Sticking Point: Adelaide Arena

Basically, things look like progressing if the arena is secured. We should all hold our breath though for several reasons until it's official. Most fans will be excited purely for the fact that club legends Smyth and Maher are back in the fold but it must be pointed out both have limited to no experience in their proposed roles.

Maher "ticks a lot of boxes", most notably fan base appeal, passion, experience with the club, automatic credibility....lots of good stuff. He has never coached at this level though. I've no doubt he's got the people skills, knowledge etc but we have no idea as to what gameplan he would bring in and what roster he would try to assemble.

Smyth has not been officially linked with the role in anyway yet but he is a tantalising prospect. "The General" brings knowledge of the club, extensive playing and coaching experience and years of involvement at various levels of the sport. He's never had this sort of front office role though and at the end of the day he'll be judged on the club's offcourt success as much as it's oncourt success. The CEO role is primarily focused on assembling a powerful,sustainable and successful club but Smyth will no doubt provide help with the playing group and roster to some degree.

The core of the playing group will remain very similar to last year with DJ, Schenscher, Cadee, Creek and Petrie all locked up. Gibson has a player option clause. Oncourt, the club needs to find a coach who can make DJ and Schensch work in some capacity and find an import (or two) who can stick after 3 years of comical results. Not as easy as it sounds.

There will be change to some degree. If the Cole bid is successful I've no doubt the 2013-2014 season will be the most hyped 36er season since 1998.


  1. The club needs to find a coach that will

    a) get rid of Schense, his glory days are well past, more terrible clangers, fumbles, soft fouls trying to set screens with his legs hanging out, then there are good plays. Theres too many good big men in the league now that most positive aspects he brought to the team are now gone.

    b) Make DJ play some defence, crash the boards, and choose his shot selection more wisely. Just because his a 25% 3 point shooter does not give him licence to take 4/5 every game when his supposed to be in there for offensive boards!

  2. Coach can't get rid of Schensch, he's under contract.

    Dj must improve his D and toughness. Should be a 2 blocks, 2 steals guy and part of a pressure D.


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