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Had a few things on my mind that don't necessarily deserve a full story. Here they are.

On the road, Adelaide averages 18.22 free throw attempts a game. At home, that jumps to 22. Every active player averages less attempts on the road besides Cadee, Schensch and Pero. Is it due to good home refs, tough road refs or the 36ers playing more aggressive at home?  I'll leave you to decide, but it's noticeable. DJ averages two less attempts a game on the road and Weigh and Gibbo right around 1 less.

I ran a straw poll on our Facebook page today asking if fans think we should rest/rotate injured players and give some more time to Doyle, Warbout and Daly. The support was unanimous. Jason Cadee confirmed my thoughts on Twitter that Gibbo is playing through something (toe/hip ??), Peach is clearly still bothered by his back and I'm sure Weigh, DJ and Schensch are starting to wear down. I'd love to see the following lineups tried. I won't hold my breath though. It would be a strong move from the club's management to remind the coaches and players that they demanded an improved effort back in January and it hasn't come, so now it's time to try something else. With the playoff dream dead and with the coaches, Crosswell and Christopherson all on borrowed time, this just makes sense. I think the fans would support this and would be keen to see what Daly,Warbout and the untried Doyle can do if given 20-25 minutes.

HOME ( 1 left)
Starters: Cadee/Christopherson/Warbout/Petrie/Schesncher
Bench: Daly, Doyle, Vasiljevic + Weigh and Johnson for spot minutes
Rest: Crosswell, Gibson

Starters: Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Johnson/Schenscher
Bench: Warbout, Daly, Vasiljevic + Christopherson, Crosswell for spot minutes
Rest: Petrie, Doyle

Starters: Cadee/Daly/Warbout/Johnson/Vasiljevic
Bench: Petrie, Doyle, Crosswell   + Gibson and Christopherson for spot minutes
Rest: Weigh, Schenscher

I've called them out a few times on Twitter for their poor coverage of the 36ers in Boti's absence, so I've gotta mention the fact "The Advertiser" has had a story about the 36ers each day this week. Well done!

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