Interview: Jason Cadee

When Adelaide let import Chris Warren go at the end of last season, I was pretty emphatic that we needed a dominant import point guard to replace him. It's been proven the import guards that make the biggest difference are those who lead, get everyone involved, can take over a game and make their presence felt.

I was therefore surprised when Adelaide announced it's first major off-season signing was Blaze guard Jason Cadee. I'd become a fan of his after seeing him put on a point guard master class in a cameo here last season and was excited to see what he'd do with extra minutes and the chance to run a team. I still held my belief in the importance of the import point guard but hoped with the Cadee signing we'd go for an import big-time scorer.

Wrong again.

The 36ers not long after signed Cadee's former team mate Adam Gibson. That complicated things. While Gibson is a gun and was one of only two NBL players to make the Olympic team, I felt his signing would stifle Cadee's ability to fully have a team under his control. It's proven true with Gibson generally running the point and Cadee forced to spend more time at the "2". Put simply, Cadee is a natural-born point guard if there ever was one. Gibson can certainly play the point and has had good assists numbers this year but I still believe the team would be better served with Cadee playing the majority of the available point guard minutes. Many teams now like having "combo" guards but Cadee is in the Chris Paul mould of someone who is best running the floor and creating easy baskets for others. I believe Gibson, with his excellent mid-range game and emphasis on shutting down the opposition's most dangerous guard, would be a far better fit at the shooting guard spot.

I asked Jason Cadee a few questions this week about the team's form, his role and the rest of the season.

36R: First up, has the mood changed this week in training after that big win?
JC: Yeah, the mood is always better after a win there is no doubt about that. Training though has been just as good as the weeks before that as well, so hopefully we can transfer that into this weeks game again.

36R: Hitting the game-winner must have been a great feeling for you. Is that your personal "36er" highlight so far?
JC:Yes. Its definitely a good feeling hitting shots like that. It would definitely go up there with my favourite 36er moments this year.

36R: I see you as a natural born point guard but you're playing more as a two guard on this team. How have you found the adjustment?
JC: I guess you could say I have played a bit more "2" than I would normally but I wouldn't say its set out to be like that. Playing alongside Gibbo it just sometimes works out that way. I don't mind playing the 2 at stages of games because it gives you a chance to play a little off the ball.

36R: The stats show you personally have been far more effective (and efficient) on the road- what do you put that down to? Do you like getting on the road with the guys? Extra pressure playing at home?.......
JC: Yeah its something I have definitely seen mentioned. I don't really know why that is but when I figure it out I'll let you know! It is definitely fun being on the road with the guys, especially with how well our group gets along.

36R: Moving from the Gold Coast to Adelaide must have been a fair culture-shock. How have you adjusted and what do you get up to in your downtime?
JC: It is a very different life style in Adelaide compared to Goldy but I had some idea of that when making the move. It did take a little while to get used to it but the weather in Adelaide has been a nice little change, as it's not as tropical as the coast (not that it was a big problem though). Downtime.... not much really except just hanging out and getting off my legs. I do like getting out to the beach and around the shops and just sitting around the house watching movies and playing some X box.

36R: Which current and former team mates have helped your game the most since cracking the NBL?
JC: There has been a number of people that have helped me and I'd say probably every team mate I have had the last few years has made an impact someway. Gibbo is probably the biggest help since I have been in the NBL and someone I really enjoy going into games alongside.

36R: Finally, what are you and the team looking to achieve in these last few games ?
JC: We just want to finish off the season as best we can for ourselves and everybody that has stuck by us throughout the year. Obviously it hasn't been the year we were after by any stretch but sometimes that's just how it goes and it's how you find ways to bounce back from things like this.

Thanks Jason, appreciate your time. All the best for the rest of the season

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