He's A Peach

One of the bright spots of Adelaide's season has been Gold Coast recruit Anthony Petrie. Essentially replacing Adam Ballinger as our key big man off the bench, Petrie has been a model of efficiency and consistency.

His numbers have remained consistent across the year, despite a back injury clearly bothering him in more recent times. Averaging 9.9 points and 5.8 rebounds in just a tick over 22 minutes a game, Petrie has been invaluable as a backup and as the team's leading scorer off the bench. It's scary to think he was a "lucky" addition to the team after the Blaze folded.

His low post bank shot/turnaround jumper is like clockwork plus he possesses a good three point stroke which he could utilise more. He opened the season hitting 7/14 but has gone 4/15 in the last 10 games. Like Weigh, it wouldn't be a bad thing to see him take a couple more threes a game.

"Peach" is under contract for next year and is the kind of player every team wants. He plays hard, hates losing and has a well-rounded offensive game.

The challenge for next season (whoever the coach may be) will be how to move forward with a frontcourt that doesn't necessarily complement each other very well. Petrie, DJ, Schensch and Weigh are all under contract for next year, not giving the team much flexibility in the frontcourt. "Peach" spends a lot of his minutes at the "4" with DJ at centre, a lineup which becomes vulnerable on the defensive end (especially if Weigh is also on at the "3"). Petrie has not played a great deal with Schensch, mainly because he's subbing on for him in games where Big Luke gets in early foul trouble. Petrie would benefit from getting more minutes with Schenscher as he'd have a good defender behind him and an excellent post passer to play with on the offensive end.

The below graphic shows our worst four Sixer lineups for "+/-"

Lineup                                                                            +/-                       Minutes

That graphic shows there is a large difference when Petrie and Schenscher play with the other three starters as opposed to Petrie and Johnson. For interests sake, it would be good to see how the team performed with Petrie starting in place of DJ.... but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Considering this season is lost and the team needs to do all it can to be successful in 2013-2014, it wouldn't be a bad thing for Adelaide to reduce Petrie's workload or shut his season down if it would benefit him and help him prepare the best for next year. He's clearly playing under duress and it must be tough for him putting in the effort for such little reward. Adelaide could look to give Warbout a "make-or-break" opportunity with some decent minutes plus has Pero as insurance. I doubt the fans would revolt if the club come out in the open and said it is going to give Daly and Warbout some decent minutes and give them every chance for a crack at next year's roster and will therefore rest Petrie and reduce Christopherson's minutes.  The team has had some success with Weigh at 4 with three-guard lineups so this could be a short-term win-win for everyone.

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