Be There.... (Preview: 36ers v Tigers 10/2/13)

If you're any sort of basketball fan living in Adelaide, I'd strongly "encourage" you to head to Adelaide Arena tomorrow to witness one of the highest credentialed imports the NBL has ever seen.

It's not too often you get to go and see a 36ers game and witness a player as talented as Flynn. It's only every few years a player with some level of this NBA experience comes to town. Over the years (besides 36ers) I've managed to catch players such as Acie Earl, Adonis Jordan and Eddie Gill who came to our league after some level of NBA experience. It's rarely a waste of money. I can still remember when the Kings visited Adelaide in 1999 with ex-Celtic Acie Earl on their roster. Earl threw down some monster dunks that I can still remember to this day.

Flynn has the game to give you some life-long memories.

I got to go and see him in person at the All-Star game here in December and his ball-handling and passing was at a level above anyone else on the floor (not bad considering Ervin, Deleon and Ced Jax were also out there). Flynn comes into town tomorrow having turned the Tigers season around and having dragged them into the Top 4. Melbourne signed Flynn after sacking Kevin Braswell, who was seen as a big part of their early season troubles. Flynn came in with the Tigers sitting on a 1-4 record. They are now at 9-10, winning 8 of 14 since Flynn's arrival. That's not bad. He'll be licking his lips at the chance to face-off against Adelaide again, against whom he's averaging 17 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists.

The Tigers are hardly welcome visitors for Adelaide, who they have to battle with little more than a day's rest. The Sixers have gone from being in a hole to being in a ditch and have struggled against the Flynn-version of the Tigers. Plenty of the Tigers besides Flynn will also be amped to be here. Chris Goulding will be happy to again see the court on which he won the All-Star Game MVP less than six weeks ago. Adam Ballinger will be keen to prove his worth against the club he led for the best part of his career. Guys like Greer and Rush should have taken note of Greg Hire's efforts against the Sixers last night and see a chance to have an impact.

Adelaide will be happy to be home but is struggling to find much to play for. Several players are hurting, the playoff dream is over, there is no apparent sense of enjoyment and there is little to no confidence left. The club also finds itself with it's stars all locked up for next year. Christopherson knows his "holiday" will be over soon.  Crosswell and Pero are in the twilight of their careers. That just leaves Daly, who has done all that could be asked of him in his limited and sporadic minutes.

Despite all of the above, do your best to get to the Arena, if only to see the enigmatic Flynn. I doubt you'll leave without a few good memories- one way or the other.

My tip: Melbourne by 5

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