A Win To Remember (Review: 36ers v Hawks)

Adelaide 91, Wollongong 90
(*Ed note: Revised 24/2/13. NBL still not displaying the box score of this game at time of writing and I often refer to the PBP info. I at least now have a box score from the Sporting Pulse site. )
On Friday night Adelaide pulled off the best win of it's season with a dramatic 91-90 win over the Hawks in Wollongong. The game was littered with some controversial and overlooked calls but in the end Adelaide overcame the plucky Hawks.
The 36ers started strong, relying heavily on Adam Gibson and Anthony Petrie in the early stages. The revised starting lineup with Petrie in for Schenscher certainly looks a lot better for Adelaide, giving more flexibility and movement. Marty Clarke started rotating early and got most players into the game in the first quarter. Clarke has copped a fair whack for his sub rotations but with the team's playoffs seemingly dashed it makes sense to give some minutes to Daly, Warbout and Vasiljevic.

The game stayed reasonably close throughout and only truly got going when a shootout started between Tim Coenraad and Adam Gibson in the third quarter. This quarter was one of the best of the NBL season with both teams combining for 49 points of over 62% shooting. That's an indicator of quality basketball. Both Coenraad and Gibson went head to head in a long-range barrage, something we don't see enough of in today's NBL. Wollongong kept a lead for most of the game and led by 3 with just seconds left until forward Anthony Petrie connected on a 3, sending the game into overtime. 

The 36ers looked the better team in overtime and eventually managed to get the lead for good when a silly Adris Deleon foul sent Stephen Weigh to the line to secure the win.

It was a great win by Adelaide........but don't forget how undermanned this Wollongong team is.They still have a good starting unit but their bench is absolutely depleted and in the end that probably was the difference. Adelaide though managed to get three strong games out of DJ, Petrie and Gibson, who all shared the scoring load at different times and ensured Adelaide put in a solid 45 minute effort. It also got some nice little cameos from Tom Daly, Jan Warbout and Nathan Crosswell.

The only thing that soured the game was a couple of officiating blunders......... and the commentary.  My favourites were.....

-Carfino referring to a big game Macmillan had in Adelaide in the last matchup. Played 1:13.

-Joyce saying Adelaide should have recuited a versatile 3 in the off-season. What, like Mitch Creek?

-Carfino referring to a big game Daly had in Perth (4pts, 1 reb, 1 ast)

-I may not have had the volume up loud enough but I swear I heard the name "Tim Weigh" 
Oh and Adelaide is now 3-0 when Warbout gets some action.


  1. I can't understand why an experienced player like Oscar Forman didn't foul Peach before he hit the 3 that put the game into overtime, or why Gordie McLeod didn't order his players to foul whoever ended up with the ball. If forman had committed a foul it would have meant the Hawks kept the lead and would have most likely won instead of losing in overtime. From a foul the only way we could have won was if Peach hit his first FT and deliberately missed the second hoping for an offensive board and a two to win.

    Gutsy win by the 36ers last night. To come back from (IIRC) 9 points down with 53 seconds in regulation time remaining showed what we all believed this team was capable of before the season started.

    Good to see that with Schenscher being out right now, DJ is playing the post more and is largely forgetting about hit 3-point game. And despite his D not always being up to scratch, he came up with a timely block in the 4th, though he wasn't credited with it on the stats for some reason (I even remember Brendan Joyce saying a couple of times on commentary that DJ had pulled off a couple of big defensive plays in the 4th).

    And isn't Peach relishing starting and the extra minutes, despite his bad back. His ppg average has jumped up to 10.8 after hovering around 9 for most of the season. With Luke being wrapped in cotton wool I wouldn't be surprised if Peach remains a starter and Big Red comes off the bench as a 7'1" pinch hitter when he returns.

  2. Just of note, Anthony Petrie's 26 points against Wollongong was the best so far this season for a 36ers player. The previous best was 25, first by Luke Schenscher in the 66-71 home loss to the Breakers Round 12, and also by Daniel Johnson in our 80-87 away loss to the Tigers in Round 16.

    1. Further to add....in his 4 games as a starter this season, Peach has averaged 19.5 ppg. His season average is 10.8......makes me wonder what he could be averaging if he was our starting PF with DJ at the 5 and Luke coming off the bench.

  3. Good points "Holden V8". It's clear the team plays a little more free-flowing and has more flexibility with Peach starting. It also allows DJ to have the post to himself. Peach, Cadee and Gibson have all played together previously which is a help too. There are games where Schensch is a big advantage but it's becoming a little concerning that it appears our best lineups don't feature DJ and Schensch on together...and that both guys are signed long term. One of them will have to move to the bench next year, it's more likely that it needs to be Schensch despite his experience and resume.


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