A Win! (Review: 36ers v Taipans 16/2/13)

Adelaide 71, Cairns 68

Thanks to a huge late three by Jason Cadee, the 36ers stunned the Cairns Taipans tonight, walking away with a well-earned 71-68 road win.

Cairns was backing up from a big win Friday against Sydney in Sydney. Adelaide was well rested and was always going to be a chance (I wasn't brave enough to pick them though). In the early stages my lack of faith was justified, with Cairns jumping out to an early lead. Aaron Grabau and Cam Tragardh were scoring at will while Adelaide struggled to find any rythym. Coach Marty Clarke had used all 10 players by quarter's end and his Sixers trailed 27-21 going into the second quarter.

The second quarter proved to be Adelaide's "horrible" term this game, getting outscored 20-8 on 3/12 shooting from the field. Clarke largely ran his bench for the term and they struggled to get anything going.

The Sixers managed to put the clamps on in the third while outscoring Cairns, winning the term 16-11. Adelaide's defense improved but Cairns did all of a sudden start missing shots it was hitting in the first half. After scoring 27 and 20 in the first two quarters, Cairns started to tire but Adelaide clearly was ramping things up also. At three-quarter time, Cairns led 58-45. An Adelaide win still looked unlikely.

In the fourth quarter Adelaide simply took over, thanks largely to key contributions from all starters

Cadee- the match-winning 3 and a key assist to Weigh to level the scores 62-62

Gibson- simply refused to lose. 10 points and 2 assists (including the pass to Cadee for the final basket). The sort of 4th quarter we've been missing from our captain of late.

Weigh- some key plays including a block on Hill and the 2 that tied scores.

Petrie- 3 rebounds and 3 points. Made his presence felt.

DJ- 6 points,3 rebounds and 2 blocks. The 2 blocks were instrumental and his size frustrated Cairns all night. 9 of the 22 fouls Cairns committed were on DJ.

Some will say this win was "no biggie" as Cairns have also had a tough season and were playing their second game in 2 days. Coming back from 18 on the road  in the midst of a terrible slump cannot be scoffed at though. Getting contributions from so many too was also a huge positive. Gibson (16/4/4) was great and led him team through the fightback.  DJ (17/11/1) had a forgettable night from the field (3/13) but followed up several of his misses and got fouled on the rebound. Petrie (18/8/1) had a big night, making the most of the extra court time with Schenscher out.

Tragardh (14/14) and Edwards (12/6) were probably the Taipans' best. Cairns' biggest problem was it's outside shooting, going a horrific 1/20 (5%). Edwards (0/7) was the main offender and with some of his inside work it's amazing he even bothered taking them.

The Sixers now return home and get a week to prepare for Wollongong, who hold a 2-0 lead over Adelaide this year. The Hawks will be coming off a double weekend and will  be looking to keep up their impressive streak versus Adelaide.

It should be a cracker.

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  1. Great win by the guys tonight. Their win was set up by an 11-0 run to start the 3rd period. That gave the guys the confidence they needed to go on and win tonight, despite Cairns outscoring us 11-5 for the rest of the period. Peach stood up to be counted tonight and played a fair bit of the second half in pain after taking a hard knock. And he was ably assisted by Gibbo, DJ and Cadee.

    One thing that worries me though is the amount of offensive boards we're letting our opposition get. Tonight Cairns grabbed 18 and overall out rebounded us 50-38. True, we didn't have Luke Schenscher tonight and his place was taken by Pero and Jan Warbout who combined for 3 boards in 14:16 of court time. But it would seem that since the Perth game teams have figured out they can get a lot of 2nd chance points against us because of our inability to box out. That's going to mean trouble over our last five games unless something changes.

    I think the NBL.TV commentators hit the nail on the head when they talked about DJ tonight. If he could put on some muscle up top to be able to get those shots he gets fouled on, turning a possible 2 into a 3 point play, and sort out his D, he could very well be as good in the NBL as Chris Anstey was. I've said for a while that DJ plays a lot like Anstey did (he was his understudy at the Tigers and learnt a bit from him). He just needs to develop a mean streak and get tougher on D to raise his game to the level we know he has in him.

    One question. What is it with Scott Christopherson? His one 3-point attempt tonight (he was open in the corner and DJ passed to him) was an air ball that went over the ring and into the hands of Kerry Williams. Yet in the half-time shoot around he was hitting them like no one's business.


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