2013/2014 Roster

Looking ahead to the 2013-2014 NBL season, the 36ers have six players signed

Luke Schenscher
Daniel Johnson
Anthony Petrie
Jason Cadee
Mitch Creek
Adam Gibson (Player Option)

Adelaide’s free agents will be :  Steve Weigh, Nathan Crosswell, Scott Christopherson and Pero Vasiljevic

Gibson’s decision to stay or go will obviously have a huge bearing on the direction in which the club goes. If he stays with the 36ers, we will be at 48 of the allowed 70 “Player Points”, leaving  just 22 points to spread over four players. With those points and $$$ restrictions, the club could look to go down this sort of road
PG: Cadee 
SG: Gibson 
SF: Import swingman 
PF: Petrie
C:  Johnson

Bench:   Schenscher, Creek, Forman, MacMillan, Daly

Schensch moves to a bench role and becomes a luxury sixth man, filling the necessary defensive/offensive role. Creek gets to work his way back from injury. Forman returns home and becomes “instant offense” and the team's key bench scorer.MacMillan gets a chance at some "energy" minutes and Daly stays as 10th man. Schenscher and Forman probably wouldn’t love coming off the bench but would likely still both get near 25 a game (Schensch only averages 22 as it is, Forman right on 30 currently)

If Gibson goes, a whole world of options opens up for the club. The Sixers can go for this sort of lineup.

PG: Cadee
SG: Creek
SF: Import Swingman
PF: Petrie
C: Johnson

Bench: Schenscher, Aaron Bruce, Forman, MacMillan, Daly

You like?

Gibson is one of the best Aussie’s in the league but his departure would give the team the ability to play Creek more and open up some points to strengthen the bench.  The team’s depth was sorely tested this year when the team got little out of it’s “scorer” imports and Mitch Creek went down with injury. All of a sudden it was just left with a workhorse inside player in Petrie, a veteran point guard in the twilight of his career in Nathan Crosswell, a largely unused back-up big in Pero and development player Tom Daly. I just love this collection of players and how it could work.
Cadee- gets a backcourt mate who he’ll l love playing with. With Gibson gone he’ll take upon more leadership and will not defer so much.
Creek- takes the opposition’s best guard and gives Cadee a pure athlete to bring out his passing skills and running game. Gets the minutes everyone thinks he’s earned.
Import- an athlete who has an outside shot but can also run. Holds his own on D.
Petrie- Deserves a go starting and gives the starting unit better flexibility
Johnson- moves back to his best spot where he can play more inside

Schenscher- minutes would likely be about the same as this year but gets a clearer role game to game as a game changer off the bench.
Bruce- crowd favourite returns, providing Cadee with a solid back up and a player better suited to certain matchups. Can also run with Creek and even play minutes at the 2.
Forman- returns home and gets a second chance as a much more accomplished player. Provides instant offense and can be a part of some nightmare lineups for opponents. Won’t love being moved to the bench but would likely get big minutes in some games and many chances to close out games.
MacMillan- key hard worker who’ll do the dirty work. Is young and would fill a key bench role.
Daly- hasn’t done enough this year to warrant moving up the pecking order but has shown glimpses. Worth keeping as at least a 10th man.

This collection of players covers a whole bunch of criteria. It’s young, it’s got “Adelaide” guys on it, it’s got smart veterans, it’s got leadership,  it can stop,it can score, it can play small or tall.

Most important it fits inside the points system and the cap (just....I think)

As good as Gibson is, his departure gives the team more options and a chance to revamp the roster.  It's Gibson's call and I'm guessing his decision will revolve a lot around who the coach is and what else the team plans on doing to the roster. The Sixers can still field a very solid team with him in it but for several seasons a move might be best for both Gibson and the 36ers.


  1. Like your roster, going with the if Gibson leaves scenario, the only change id make is id grab Ervin (or someone similar) as my star import instead of a swing man, and say Brad Hill instead of McMillan. I like the idea of bringing A.Bruce and Forman back.

    Id go with the line up of

    PG Ervin/Cadee
    SG A.Bruce/Daly (Ervin can slide to sg)
    SF Creek/Hill
    PF Forman/Petrie
    C Schenscher/Johnson

    Try and Get S.Bruce as 11th man or development player, a. he is a good prospect from what i have seen of him in Cairns, b. having him and Aaron on the same team may help with some loyalty to the club, happiness, chemistry, etc.

    If points cap works and willing to play for the low money grab Dorsey instead of Hill or Daly, he is rumoured to want to play NBL and willing to play cheap, so could be a good option.

    What you think?

  2. I also really like the roster you've lined up if Gibbo leaves....but what's the go with Weigh? He's the only free agent worth keeping. Before this season I would have hoped he moved on, but now not so sure. When talking about next year, it's always assumed he won't be here - is that because fans want him to go (for varying reasons) or because someone knows something the rest of us don't. Being a 7, he'd take up a fair few points if Gibbo does stick around.
    And would Oscar REALLY come back or is it just wishful thinking. Not having a go, just curious before everyone gets too excited - pretty great 6th man if he was.

  3. Re Weigh, i think i assumed it would have been him or Forman, due to salary/points cap and chose Forman.

    If we can fit Weigh in to the spots ive allocated to either Hill or Daly or miss out on Forman id be very happy to keep Weigh.

    I also want to see Creek given the starting main SF role and wasnt convinced Weigh would be happy coming off the bench behind him as its hard to find the minutes for 2 legit SF's, Weigh would have to play PF a bit to get his minutes up, which also would be hard if we added Forman to the roster and kept Petrie.

    Nothing against Weigh, just prefer Forman if its possible and want Creek to be given a real go, he would be my first choice to be the back up SF ahead of Hill, but just thought he may be harder to fit in.


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