Unbearable (Review: 36ers v Crocs 4/1/13)

Townsville 75, Adelaide 61

In yesterday's preview I ended with this

"Can Clarke get enough of a rise from his team to get two wins this weekend and restore some hope?
Will Christopherson turn out to be Rimas Kutinaitis 2.0?

Roll on Friday

Oops forgot my tip. I'm predicting that the players don't respond as required or that Christopherson doesn't have a KB-type debut. Hopefully not both.

My Tip: Crocs by 4"

Unfortunately it was both- and the 36ers were dismantled again by the Crocs.

Adelaide started slow with Luke Neville getting going early and drawing two quick fouls on Schenscher, sending him to the bench where he spent the rest of the half. Adelaide struggled to find the basket and brought on Scott Christopherson at the 6:14 mark of the first quarter. He got off a shot early but it missed.....and so did the next four.

Adelaide was well and truly in the game at half time, thanks largely to a 16-8 second quarter which gave it a 33-28 lead at the half. That was quickly undone though after Townsville monstered Adelaide in the third with a 32-16 quarter and at that point the fans, and probably the players, knew this one was over.

So let's break down my two big questions going into the game

"Can Clarke get enough of a rise from his team to get two wins this weekend and restore some hope?
Nope. No passion, no intensity, no fight. Petrie and Gibson battled as they usually do but you'd expect a lift from their mates for a game as crucial as this was. The lack of a response tells me what I'd expected.

The club is in an awkward spot now. A win tomorrow seems unlikely but if Clarke manages a win it would have to be a first for a coach to be sacked in-season after a win. A change must happen though.

Will Christopherson turn out to be Rimas Kutinaitis 2.0?
Nope. Here's his numbers from his debut game.

22:14 minutes
0/5 fg
0/4 3pt
1/2 ft
1 pt
6 reb
1 to

He spent a lot of time on as part of a three guard rotation which didn't help him. On offense guys rarely looked for him when he was spotting up. He should have spent a lot of time with just he and Gibson in the backcourt but this didn't happen. Being brutally honest, Clarke's rotations were a mess and the guards suffered most (more on that in a minute)

So is he a keeper?

Based on 1 game- no. He has a nice shot but needs time and space. He's a young kid coming into a team in crisis which is hardly ideal. He passed up a few shots he could have taken and most concerning was that whenever he put the ball on the floor and got near the key he passed back out. Again, wrong guy for the wrong need.

Jason Cadee and Nathan Crosswell again had games to forget and did little to help their newest team mate. Here's their numbers.

47:14 minutes
8pts (4/10 FG)
3 reb
4 ast

Ok production for 1 guy, not good enough for 2 combined in that many minutes. Compare that to say a Gary Ervin who had a 20/9/5 game in 36 minutes.

Crosswell missed too many good passing opportunities, Cadee doesn't want to shoot the ball.

Gibson was out best with 22pts, 7 boards and 3 assists but had absolutely no help with his backcourt mates all struggling and main inside target (Schensch) playing with foul trouble all night.

DJ scored 13 with 9 rebounds but it came at a costly 4/20.

Petrie battled hard but clearly has some lower back issues and is struggling.

Weigh surprisingly only played 24 minutes. His shot was off but he had plenty of mates, the team shooting 30% overall and 19% on threes.

The team now heads to Sydney to try to end it's seven game losing and show something to it's increasingly frustrated supporter base.

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