The Numbers: Special Double Edition (Crocs, Kings)

One of the big killers for Adelaide over the weekend was our three point shooting. Adelaide's roster is full of guys that can nail the trey but most struggle for consistency. Let's look at our three point shooting for the weekend.

Vs Townsville
Gibson- 3/8
Weigh- 1/4
Cadee- 0/4
Christopherson- 0/4
Petrie- 1/2
Johnson 0/5

Total- 5/27 (19%)

Vs Sydney
Gibson- 4/6
Weigh- 1/4
Cadee- 1/4
Petrie- 0/1
Johnson- 0/2
Crosswell- 0/1

Total- 6/18 (33%)

Broken down by position...........

Backcourt- 8/27 (30%)
Frontcourt- 3/18 (17%)

Remove Gibson's numbers from the backcourt and Crosswell, Cadee and Christopherson went 1/13. Ouch. I wrote this piece on New Year's Day about the critical need for some outside shooting help from the backcourt and the weekend's performances again showed how important this is. Let's look at the weekend performances from each of Gibson's key backcourt partners.

Weekend Points: 10
FG: 4/14 (29%)
3PT: 1/8 (13%)

I'm actually happy he took more threes to help stretch the floor but his shots looked mostly wayward. Has to spend a lot more time working on his shot (which isn't that pretty) and make himself a legitimate outside threat.

Weekend Points: 4
FG: 2/4 (50%)
3PT: 0/1 (0%)

Is only really a threat from 10ft and especially in transition. As reader Holden V8 pointed out Crosswell is being left comically wide open on occasions and it passing up shots any decent shooter would eat up. I'm not saying I want him jacking up a bunch of threes (he's a career 29% 3pt shooter) but Adelaide is regularly playing 4 on 5 with him in the halfcourt and it's hurting us. His defense is valuable at times but his last few games have shown the need for someone who can handle the ball and shoot from range.

Weekend Points: 1
FG: 0/5 (0%)
3PT: 0/4 (0%)

This was what we've been waiting for? Against Townsville he showed he has a decent shot but unfortunately came up short each time. Got to the key several times off dribble penetration but on each occasion he passed back outside. On Saturday he didn't even fire a shot, mainly thanks to him being largely ignored by his team mates. The apparent "freeze out" was appalling considering our need for a legitimate scorer. I'm sure his confidence is already shaken considering what he walked into, his shooting Friday night and the lack of chances Saturday. It will take a huge effort for a kid trying to crack it as a pro to come back from here. I get that he sat more often in second halves so that Clarke could go with the guys more familiar with the system but considering the success we've had, what did he have to lose by playing him a lot of minutes and running some plays for him?

So overall Gibson's running mates scored 15 points combined over the 2 games. Gibbo scored 41 alone, showing just how much they let the team down.

Gibson had a magnificent weekend but needs a whole lot of extra help.

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