The Numbers: 36ers v Tigers 27/1/13

Here's four sets of numbers that grabbed my attention from yesterday's game.

Jason Cadee had a standout game again yesterday and continued to add to his unusual home/away stats. Have a look at Cadee's home scoring numbers.

32% fg

And away


He clearly shoots a lot better on the road and with his free throw percentage also being 12% higher it suggests he's more comfortable playing on the road than he is at home.

Schenscher's stat line yesterday was pretty horrible.

15.33 minutes

Schenscher did come in off the bench and was returning from injury but this sort of return from Luke against Melbourne is not an abnormality. In his other two games versus the Tigers this season he has registered

4pts and 3reb
4pts and 1reb

Schenscher registered a -12 for the game yesterday and was on court when Melbourne took it's lead from 45-36 to 63-45 in the third quarter. In several games this year Schensch has been destroyed by foul calls defending pick and rolls (sometimes by slightly over zealous refs) and often cannot adapt his play well enough.

Adelaide started Petrie over Schenscher for the second consecutive game but again it didn't help Adelaide get off to a good start. Against New Zealand the starters got us off to a 6-9 start before the first sub. Yesterday we were down 8-16 when Clarke made his first substitution.

Changing the big men hasn't made much of a difference, so Clarke may want to look at changing up the guards. The numbers are interesting when you look at what happens when you swap point guards with our other 4 starters

Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Johnson/ Schenscher
195.26 minutes together

22.25 minutes together

Obviously the sample size for the Crosswell lineup is much smaller but the number is backed up by Crosswell's individual +/- number. After yesterday's performance you could argue bringing Cadee in off the bench as more of an offensive weapon would help Adelaide more. Crosswell doesn't seem to give the team a "boost" when he comes in, he's more of a steadying hand. It's doubtful Adelaide would do it at this point for several reasons but I do think short-term it could help Adelaide.

At the start of the coverage, Andrew Gaze mentioned since round 5 Adelaide had gone 60/222 from three point range. I checked my stats and came up with these numbers from the main culprits. Not pretty.

Adam Gibson- 20/58 (34%)
Steve Weigh- 14/41 (34%)
Jason Cadee- 7/38 (18%)
Anthony Petrie- 6/17 (35%)
Daniel Johnson- 6/30 (20%)

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