The Numbers: 36ers v Breakers 20/1/13

Today we'll be looking at three key sets of numbers

1/ Scotty C
The biggest number that stood out to me from Sunday's game was this one: Scott Christopherson- +8.

That numbers tells out that the 36ers outscored New Zealand by 8 when Scotty was on the floor. Scott hardly had a good game (5pts, 2 reb, 1 ast, 5 turnovers) but for whatever reason the 36ers did well with Scotty on the floor. When your team loses by 18 and you register a "+8", something is working when you're on the floor. No other Sixer was in positive territory, the next best performers being Crosswell at 0 and Pero at -2. Every other 36er was in negative double digits.

So why was his number so good and why is he sitting at +15 for the season (leading the team) while his team is 1-3 in those games and he's only averaging 3points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.3 turnovers? Here's a few suggestions.

Despite his low number of attempts, teams are respecting his alleged three point game. This helps open up the floor for Gibson and Cadee in particular. Our second and third most successful active lineups (ie not with Creek or CJ) feature these three guards plus DJ. Yesterday these lineups registered a "+9" in just 6:33 of court time. Christopherson was at the "2" spot during our best run yesterday, part of the unit that outscored New Zealand 10-2 when he came on as the first sub for Weigh. He's been a train wreck when putting the ball on the floor but teams are respecting his outside game (now 2 of 5 in the last two games). Teams haven't paid the same attention to Crosswell (13%) and Cadee (25%) from outside. Nor should they.

He's an "honest" defender and rarely gets embarrassed (unless he gets caught on a mismatch). He has some smarts, tries hard and has a little extra size than Cadee (2").

He's not providing what he was brought in for but fact is, the team is doing better with him out there. It would be good to see some plays run for him and to be set up for some more open threes. Some team mates clearly don't look for him out there but if they helped him get some good open looks his confidence would grow and he'd be a bigger asset to the team.

2/ Tommy D
Daly had his best game for the season yesterday and is clearly gaining more and more trust from Marty Clarke. The biggest indicator was that he played the whole fourth quarter while JC rode the pine. If Daly keeps making the most of his chances, he'll be eating into more and more of Cadee's minutes. Have a look at their "per 40" numbers and you'll see he's quickly building a strong case.

Cadee- 10.9 pts, 3.4 reb, 4.3 ast, 0.7 stl, 1.9 to
Daly- 6.8 pts, 3.4 reb, 5.5 ast, 1.4 stl, 0.7 to

Daly doesn't turn the ball over and has had some good defensive stretches against the quick US guards. His pick-and-rolls with Pero yesterday were beautiful to watch. I'd like to see him get 15-20 minutes a game from hereon in to see if he can be a handy 7th-8th man next season.

3/ Game Stats
Here's some random strange stats from yesterday's game

Weigh- no stats in 5:27 played in the last quarter
Steals- NZ 8, Adelaide 1
Turnovers- NZ 8, Adelaide 19
Cadee- 0/2 threes (now 2/24 for the season at home)
DJ- 1/7 fg (11/41 for the season against New Zealand)

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