Scapegoat 2.0? A look at Christopherson's debut weekend

New 36er Scott Christopherson got used in 6 different lineups over the weekend, all with differing results. During Friday's game, I tweeted how horrible I thought our guard rotations were, mainly because of who they were running Christopherson with. We played quite a few lineups with 3 guards which I thought was wrong considering our collection of guards. I particularly disliked the Cadee/Crosswell/Christopherson lineups as I thought they were too small on defense and not offensively strong enough. I wanted to see Gibson and Christopherson in the backcourt with our conventional starting bigs. Let's look at how each lineup worked.

Daly/Christopherson/Gibson- +1 (1:56 min)
Too small a sample size. Like this lineup better than with Crosswell though.

Cadee/Christopherson/Weigh- +1 (2:04 min)
Wouldn't mind seeing more of this lineup.  Cadee is pass-first and this should allow a few more threes from supposedly our two best long-range shooters.

Crosswell/Christopherson/Weigh- -2 (2:26 min)
Used on 2 occasions. Don't mind this lineup as it gives Crossy two legit 3pt shooters to play with (prefer the Cadee version though)

Gibson/Christopherson/Weigh- +5 (3:39 min)
Used on 5 occasions, all for very limited time. My preferred lineup for Christopherson.

Cadee/Christopherson/Gibson- -7 (6:37 min)
Used on 7 occasions with varying results. Very small lineup defensively and would work best with Cadee running the point (which rarely happens).

Cadee/Crosswell/Christopherson- 0 (9:02 min)
Used on 5 occasions. Don't like this lineup but worked ok. None of these guys scored much on the weekend, implying they gave the bigs plenty of the ball.

Crosswell/Christopherson/Gibson- -5 (10:02 min)
Used on 4 occasions. Too small defensively and Crosswell often looked for Gibbo over Christopherson.

Christopherson's  individual +/- were very interesting for the 2 weekend games.........

vs Townsville: +1 (best on team for anyone who played 10+ minutes)
+1 doesn't sound great but it was very good in light of the fact we lost by 14. Christopherson worked hard and drew defenders although he didn't hit a field goal.

vs Sydney: -8 (worst on team)
What a difference a day makes. Perhaps Sydney tuned into the fact his team weren't looking for him. Took 0 shots which clearly hurt the team. At least on Friday he got a few off which made defenders play him tight.

 Hoping this week he gets 20-25 minutes and is played predominantly with Gibson in the backcourt. Not saying he's our saviour (in fact I don't think he'll cut it) but seeing as he's here we should use him right and give him every chance to succeed.

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