Board Update

The 36ers updated the media and fans today on their recent board meeting discussions. Here's a brief review of what was mentioned.

The proposal by Ken Cole's group is apparently quite strong and provides the security the club and Basketball Australia would require. All indications are discussions and steps are progressing well. This could be very exciting for Sixers fans.

Clarke has the board's support to finish out the season. This is not a huge surprise as when it made public that there was a serious bid in from Cole's group it was unlikely the team would sack Clarke and incur a payout. Time will tell how the coaches and players respond to this. Ideally it will galvanise the group, they'll play with a little more freedom and make a "nothing to lose" run for the playoffs. After the Sydney win and the injury crisis at Wollongong, they'll know it's not totally impossible. Just unlikely.

The statement said there is "no doubt" the team will be using Adelaide Arena for years to come. That's a good thing.

All in all it's pretty positive stuff. The potential ownership change and stadium situation is welcome good news. As long as the team plays hard and provides some more watchable basketball there's every chance fans will jump fully on board for the rest of the season, knowing they are really in a win-win situation for 2013-2014.

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