The Numbers: 36ers v Kings 2/12/12

Besides the starting 5, Adelaide's most used lineup this year has been Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Johnson. Looks good on paper right? On the court though, this lineup has the worst +/-, sitting at an astonishing -27.

What happens though when you replace Cadee with Crosswell in that lineup?

That lineup is Adelaide's fifth most used lineup and has the fifth worst +/- of -5. Still not great but what a difference one guy makes.

In yesterday's game, the Cadee version of that lineup featured together twice and registered a -14 in 5:38 minutes of court time. The Crosswell version registered a +5 in 5.33. There's your game right there.

I'm a big fan of Cadee's but it's clear he needs the right lineup on the court with him. Cadee registered -18 for the game, but the story was different with certain lineups. For example, when he was on the court with Schenscher yesterday he had a +/- of  +9. On the year, lineups with him and Schenscher in them have a +/- total of  +6. Cadee's individual +/- is -32.

Crosswell's form has improved a lot in the last month but he is still best suited to an off the bench role. Five of our seven best performing lineups feature Crosswell as the point and he and Gibson do mesh well, giving Adelaide a better defensive tandem with Crosswell happy to feed Gibson for open jumpers (see yesterday's fourth quarter). Marty Clarke needs to get the backcourt balance right and ensure he's getting the most out of both of these guys and putting them in lineups bests suited to how they like to play.

Please though Marty, no more Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Johnson lineups.

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