The Numbers: 36ers v Crocs 15/12/12

For today's numbers, it's all about the starting 5.......

In the 3rd quarter last night I tweeted this

Crocs 51-40. Starters not getting it done tonight- Creek and Peach need minutes

I was pretty surprised to learn this morning that our starters registered "-27" for the game. Here's a breakdown of their time together

1st- Started the game, obviously, and got us off to a 6-17 start. -11
2nd- Played the last 1:23 of the half together. When they came on the scores were tied 40-40. At the end of the half it was 40-47. -7
3rd- Started the second half together. Pegged it back to 45-51. +1
4th- Played the last 4:54 of the game together. We were up 66-61 when they came together. We lost 75-80. -10

The last one is the most problematic for me. Cadee was having an awful game and Crosswell should have stayed on. Cadee to that point was at -15 for the game, Crosswell at +4. Crosswell at this point is a better closer and better defender. Clarke made an error of judgement here. For the season cadee sists at a team-worst -73. Crosswell? +3.

It's pretty clear it's time for a starting lineup change. The current starters have a "-28" for the season. Assuming we have the same roster this weekend, I believe we need to try starting Crosswell over Cadee. The same lineup with Crosswell at the point instead of Cadee has a "+7" and is now our best performing lineup (now that the top 5 are no longer available due to Massingale's departure and Creek's injury). If the team is serious about saving the season a change has to be made. I'd also perhaps consider starting Petrie over Schensch in certain games in this scenario as at the first change you'd have a lineup of Cadee/Gibson/Weigh/Petrie/Schenscher. This lineup has a "+2" for the year and gives us a more rounded offensive/defensive unit at the first sub.


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  1. IMO the ideal situation would have been to start Gibbo at the point which he plays a lot at anyway, even with Cadee on, and start Mitch Creek at SG. I say would have been because we all know what happened with Creek's Achilles tendon :-(

    I know its hard to find too many positives from our 4th loss in a row, especially when our best young player goes does with a season ending injury, but if I can find one positive (and its not a hard one to find)...its Luke Schenscher. Ok I know he's now 2-5 against Luke Nevill but Saturday was Big Red's best game in a long time against an opponent who is 6'10" or taller. And to do it against someone who is actually taller is a good sign for the big guy. Hopefully its a sign of things to come. BUT, Clarke still needs to use his size and skill properly. Maybe he should give Paul Woolpert a call and ask how he used Big Red when he was a Crocodile....


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