The Numbers: 36ers v Breakers 28/12/12


That's how many points the 36ers scored in the final quarter vs New Zealand. In ten minutes, Adelaide managed to only hit two field goals.Let's look at the numbers then from this game-killing final quarter.

Adam Gibson- 10 minutes, 2 pts (1/3 fg), 1 to, 1 fl
Was clearly fatigued but for a guy who normally plays well down the stretch but this is an appalling return from our leader when the game was on the line. He contained Jackson well....until Jackson had decided enough was enough.

Steve Weigh- 10 minutes, 3pts (1/3 fg), 2 reb, 1 bl, 2 to
Probably our best for the quarter but that's not saying much. Hit a key three (the only one he took for the quarter). Weigh is hitting the three at 64% (7/11) in fourth quarters. I'm sounding like a broken record but please Marty, run him some damn plays! Especially in the 4th.

Jason Cadee- 4:58 minutes, 1 to
Not a good performer down the stretch and again had another stinker. Crosswell is a better defensive option in the 4th but doesn't have the halfcourt offensive skills that Cadee does. If Christopherson is at least average, I'd expect him and Gibson to get the bulk of the 4th quarter minutes moving ahead.

Luke Schenscher- 7:11 minutes, 0/1 fg, 1 reb, 1 ast, 1 blk, 1 to, 2 fl
Made some contributions but was contained so much on offense he only got off one shot.

Anthony Petrie- 5:44 minutes, 0/1 fg, 1 reb
Deserved some of DJ's 4th quarter minutes purely on the attitude factor but had done little with the minutes he had been given on the night. Has taken the 3rd most shots on the team in 4th quarters but is only hitting at 36%.

Daniel Johnson- 7:05 minutes, 0/5 fg, 2 reb, 1 bl, 1 fl
Had an awful 4th quarter, missing all 5 shots, making some key errors and pouting repeatedly. Needs a talk to. Normally is a key contributor down the stretch, even if at times he is padding the stats. His shooting percentages are normally pretty good but was off this night.

Nathan Crosswell- 5:02 minutes, 0/1 fg
That's right, our two point guards split the ten 4th quarter minutes and contributed 0/1fg and a turnover. Like Cadee, often struggles in the 4th of games, especially when teams give him open shots.

So that's the numbers broken down by individuals, here's some other jaw-dropping facts from the last quarter

-Hit 2/14 shots for the quarter
-Took 0 free throws
-Didn't score until the 3:46 mark of the last quarter
-Only two players scored

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