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One of the most popular stats to be added to the basketball world in the last few years is "PER" .

"PER" stands for "Player Efficiency Rating" and is seen as probably the best way of measuring a basketball player's effectiveness on the court. In many ways it's an extension of "+/-", which simply tells you if the team outscores or gets outscored by opponents with certain players/lineups. "+/-" is seen as flawed as it can harm or help players who spend an unusual amount of time with starters or bench guys or on teams who have very high numbers of wins or losses."PER" also has it's own flaws (eg it's slanted too heavily towards offesnive contributions) but is being used more and more in the stats world as a key indicator of a player's value.

"PER" probably rose to prominence with this story which argued that Shane Battier couldn't just be measured on points/rebounds/assists etc but how efficient he was and the impact he had on his team's results. The developer of "PER", John Hollinger, has been the stats guru at ESPN for the past few years and his work has become so valued he recently took on a role with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Australasia's "PER" godfather is Andrew Price, editor of LobPassToAbercrombie . With his help I've put together some data on the 36ers.  It's not happy reading.

Our highest ranked guard is, yep, you guessed it.....CJ Massingale. You can't make this stuff up. He's ranked 11th amongst guards, behind the names you'd expect (Ced Jax, Corin Henry, 2Hard2Guard etc) but ahead of players such as Aaron Bruce, Lance Hurdle, Damian Martin and Adam Gibson.

20th- Adam Gibson
28th- Jason Cadee
31st- Nathan Crosswell

Our highest ranked forward is sadly Mitch Creek (5th). Sad for the fact it shows how he has been underutilised and for the fact he's on the sidelines for the rest of this season.

9th- Anthony Petrie
16th- Steve Weigh

Encouraging that all our forwards currently rank higher than guys like Abercrombie, Saville and Holmes.
Wildcats Redhage and Wagstaff sit at 1 and 2, with former 36er Adam Ballinger at 3. 

Daniel Johnson and Luke Schenscher sit in 11th and 12th, only ahead of Larry Davidson, Matt Burston and Ben Allen. If you count DJ as a forward, he moves into 10th amongst forwards, just behind Anthony Petrie.

Surprisingly all 3 of of our players who featured in the top 10 of their position are all bench players. 2 of them won't play again for Adelaide this year. Highlights the issues with our starters and how important the bench has been. Our highest ranked starters are the twin towers and they don't spend a whole lot of time together. Weigh is next at 16th.

Here's hoping our next import has an off-the-charts PER

 *For all players, go to lobpasstoabercrombie.com

 *For more PER info, check out the Wikipedia page

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