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The Adelaide 36ers today announced that their replacement import for CJ Massingale will be 23 year old American Scott Christopherson.

Christopherson ended his college career this year and immediately headed for the NBA summer league. He played 2 games for the Blazers but did not get offered a contract. He decided to head overseas to start his pro career, playing for Tsmoki-Minsk in the Belarus League.Yeh, Belarus. His stint finished there in November and now he's heading to Australia.

All reports are that he's an excellent three point shooter with NBA range. Marty Clarke said the following in a club statement

“He is a great shooter and has high basketball IQ, he has the ability to put the ball to the floor and create good opportunities for the team. Scott is a tough defender and lives in the gym, constantly trying to improve his game."

In other words, he's a "Marty Clarke guy".

Of course I'm hopeful he's a great fit and helps turn the 36ers season around. but I'm a little scared by a few things....

1) He's 6'3. That gives us a backcourt of Cadee (6'1), Gibson (6'2), Crosswell (6'2) , Daly (6'1) and now Christopherson.  Just stunned we can't get a 6'5 or 6'6 guy with these skills. Size is a huge advantage in the ability to shoot over smaller guards and gives the team more flexibility on defense.

2) Is a young kid with little pro experience. Hardly the ideal situation.

3) He struggled in the Belarus league. Belarus is hardly a striong basketball country. It's not ranked in the Top 82 (they don't rank teams after that), meaning it trails powerhouses like India, Chad, Gabon, Cape Verde and Togo. And I did not make any of that up.

I really hope he works out as we desperately need a shooter off the bench and will reserve judgement until he's had a few games but I'm already a little cautious.

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  1. While I'm willing to give Christopherson a chance before passing any sort of judgement on him and the 36ers signing him, I do fear that for all intents and purposes, we've replaced CJ Massingale with.....a slightly taller CJ Massingale, when what we really needed was a 6'5-6'7 swingman to replace Mitch Creek.

    Guards we already had coming out of our ears, Gibbo, Cadee, Crosswell & Daly. We now have only 1 SF (Clarke's poster child for court time), and other than Peach who's really a PF/C, we don't have anyone outside the DP's who are tall enough to effectively play the 3 outside of Weigh.


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