Hoodoo over (Review 36ers v Wildcats 9/12/12)

Perth 91, Adelaide 85

The Wildcats ended their surprising losing streak to the 36ers today with a hard fought 91-85 win in Adelaide. It took Perth an extra period and the fouling out of Adam Gibson and Daniel Johnson to finally overcome their recent nemesis.

Adelaide had led and maintained control for most of the game on the back of strong performances by Daniel Johnson (23 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist) and  Adam Gibson (13pts, 5 rebounds, 6 assists). The 36ers went into the final change up 62-51 and looked likely to pull off yet another win over their bitter arch-rival. The game swung though during the fourth as players started fouling out of this tightly called game.

5:20 Adelaide 65, Perth 62
Jesse Wagstaff fouls out

2:57 Adelaide 69, Perth 66
Adam Gibson fouls out

1:11 Adelaide 74, Perth 68
Daniel Johnson fouls out

1:10 Adelaide 74, Perth 69
Shawn Redhage fouls out

There's no denying Wagstaff and Redhage had been crucial but Gibson and Johnson had been Adelaide's best by a mile and were the go-to scorers in the 4th. This left Adelaide at the 1:11 mark with this lineup


Still an ok lineup but lacking a "go to" scorer. Perth still had one of the floor- last year's MVP Kevin Lisch, who had been struggling to that point but at least he was on the floor. He proved his value, hitting a key 3 that got Perth to overtime and from there he took over, scoring 9 in overtime to give his team a crucial win.

There's no shame in losing to Perth, especially with no Gibson and Johnson down the stretch but this game simply highlighted more problems.
1/ Schenscher
After a solid game last week versus Sydney, Luke was a ghost this game. Struggles when he has to play on strong and agile guys his size (Dunigan) and had a forgettable night, collecting more fouls (5) than points (4) or rebounds (3). Unacceptable performance considering his cost to the club.

2/ What to do with Mitch
Massingale's departure opened up more time for Mitch Creek, who had a good game with 13 points and 7 rebounds in twenty-two minutes. "Created" some baskets from nothing and played solid D. The problem is where he's getting his minutes. He really should be getting more of Weigh's small forward minutes, who today registered an astonishing 43:31 minutes, returning 8 points and 6 rebounds (yes, less than Mitch in double the time). Creek was subbed out at the 7:16 minute mark of the last quarter not long after an airball 3 but didn't return until there were 7 seconds left in the 4th. Weigh played the whole 4th quarter, registering...

0pts (0/1 FG, 0/2 FT)
1 rebound
1 steal
1 foul

3/ Shooting
It was a bad night from range and the three point line.Adelaide shot 2/13 from three and undid some great work in getting to the free throw line, hitting just 27 of 43.
It's rumoured Adelaide will have a replacement for Massingale this week. The pressure is on Clarke and the administration to make sure he's good, especially in light of ...
-Townsville's work in turning Jason Forte and Curtis Withers into Gary Ervin and Luke Nevill
-Melbourne turning Kevin Braswell into Jonny Flynn
-Perth's incredible effort in finding a quick import replacement for Matt Knight in Mike Dunigan, who averaged 17.5 points and 8.5 rebounds in his first weekend in the league.


  1. Part of the problem with Mitch Creek's court time is that for some reason Clarke only ever seems to play him at SG, and usually puts Crosswell into the game before and more often than Creek. So while he's the teams's 2nd SF behind Stephen Weigh, Clarke seem's to regard him as the teams 4th guard. I agree with you that Creek's extra minutes should come more at the expense of Weigh's than anyone else.

    Don't get me wrong about Stephen Weigh, I think he is a good player. But like we've said since he seems to have become Clarke's poster boy for court time, he needs to earn his minutes. His D is good for the most part, he just has too many games where he produces next to nothing on offense. I honestly can't remember the last time Weigh actually attacked the hoop. Normally he's camped outside the arc, or just inside it. But Marty Clarke leaves him on court regardless of how little he does at times.

  2. I don't mind Weigh as a spot up three shooter which he's shown he can do. This year though he's been asked to rebound more and set lots of screens. Not being used quite right.

    Creek should be getting more minutes at the 3 at Weigh's expense or by moving Weigh to the 4 at times

  3. No argument there Forcey. Weigh is quite capable of playing the 4 at times, though I'd honestly prefer DJ or Peach at PF. If we play small like we have at times this year, Creek at 3, Weigh at 4 and Peach or DJ at 5 isn't that bad looking.

    Weigh's biggest problem is that more often than not his numbers don't justify the court time Clarke gives him. A lot of people would probably get off his case if, like Creek, he had less minutes and produced more on offense. Sometimes its like he knows he's going to get the minutes regardless. I'm not saying he doesn't put in because he does, but I think he's gotten into a situation where he knows he's not going to be subbed out too many times and that seems to affect his involvement in some games. Kinda like he's too comfortable and if that is the case he needs a shake-up.

  4. Fair points, he does seems to go long stretches producing very little. Creek made a big statement last night with his game- unfortunately though his season's done. Weigh is really going to have to step up now and provide more scoring.


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