CJ speaks out in today's "Advertiser: with Boti Nagy

In todays' "Advertiser" , CJ spoke to Boti Nagy and gave his side of the story. Here's what stood out to me.

``I was told to run to the corner, spread the offence for the big guys, then catch-and-shoot when I was open."
Can't deny that. Kind of like Nathan Herbert's role last year, except hopefully he'd hit the 3 at a better clip than 29%. Talk about not best utilising your talent.

``A lot of the plays Marty ran were complex and other players caught on quicker than I did.I had some mental lapses with the load.''
Takes some of the blame here.  Seems to contradict a point earlier in the article though about how we had three point guards who could create off the dribble, so basically just space the floor and be ready.

``I had to pay for my insurance and the club didn't help me find a place to live.''
Appalling. Not only did they pay him the royal sum of $37k a season, they got him to cover his insurance and didn't help him settle or arrange a car. A shame they couldn't have asked for some help, say perhaps from any major sponsors who are perhaps in the car sales industry????

``I butted heads a few times with Radford,'' he said.``I knew I wasn't one of his guys and he always had something negative to say.''
This name is popping up more and more......

``I think if you look at that team, one-through-eight, it should be top-two in the league,'' he said. ``There's a lot of politics involved and a lot of bad assessment of the talent.
Read "the players aren't the problem, it's the situation and how they're being used".

And most telling...........

``The opinion or assessment of my ability that got me released came from a coach who has been just as successful as I was in the NBL,'' he said.
Ouch. Harsh....but fair.

Hard to see this ending any other way than but a coaching change next year. I think the team should act sooner rather than later considering everything that's on the table.


  1. Those last two comments of CJ's....I think he would be the first ex-36ers player from Clarke's reign of mediocrity to actually come out and say that his coaching (and that of Radford) is a BIG part of the problem here in Adelaide. I know Brad Hill tweeted that it was nice to win in Adelaide but he, like a lot of others, have not come out and made public comments about Clarke, his coaching style or how he uses his players.

  2. I'd be interested to hear from Diamon Simpson especially.......


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