"Challenging and interesting"

The phrase "challenging and interesting" might be something you'd use when describing a crossword puzzle or a mountain climb or a quiz on 1970's disco music. You'd probably not expect it to the words chosen by a basketball CEO to describe their tenure with a club. Leanne Grantham though used these words in her media statement yesterday, announcing her resignation from the club.

The resignation is somewhat of a shock and points again to a club under duress. The roster assembled was supposed to be the strongest we'd had in years, yet currently it sits at 5-6. The team's lone import was let go last week, despite there not being a ready-to-go replacement (this look really foolish now with Adam Gibson battling a hip injury). This was highlighted as Marty Clarke's decision and not necessarily totally backed by administration. Then there's the issue of perhaps not having a ready-to-go stadium for next year. Yep, tough times in Adelaide. Grantham will work on until February but this will surely cause issues with decisions moving forward.

Grantham did not offer herself to the media beyond this statement, which only surrounds the situation with more questions. Looking at what she said (and didn't say), makes for an interesting read.

“My time with the Club has been challenging and interesting. However, the time for me to leave is right with a couple of opportunities that have been brought to my attention.”

"The Club"
I might be reaching here but "the club"? No mention of the team name? Doesn't exactly strongly align her to Adelaide or the 36ers does it? 

"Challenging and interesting".  
Challenging and interesting. Not "enjoyable"  or "rewarding" or other more positive words. Again, doesn't point to someone who loved their job or environment. If one of your workmates said their time at the company was  “challenging and interesting", you'd hardly be reaching for the tissue box.

"The time for me to leave is right"
When the club is 5-6, under fire and struggling to get crowds. Right........A lot more going on here.

"A couple of opportunities that have been brought to my attention"
 A follow up is needed here to discover what these "opportunities" turned out to be. 

The owner showed his appreciation with these words

“Leeanne’s time and influence at the Club has truly delivered everything we had wished for and more, her decision to move on not only saddens us but leaves a massive void to fill. Leeanne moves on with our best wishes, our respect and thanks”.


Interesting. She was appointed on June 14, 2011, meaning she was only with the club for a day under 18mths (maybe she had a probationary clause in her contract too...). To say she has "delivered everything we had wished for and more" is a big call for a team struggling to fill the stadium and sitting outside the playoffs. She wasn't part of the administration that brought in Clarke but was there before Adelaide signed imports Chris Warren, John Williamson and Diamon Simpson. I'd have to read between the lines and believe the club is in a stronger financial position, has a more secure future and is happy with whatever part she had in assembling the playing roster. I'm not convinced of this though.

In any case it seems Adelaide's goal to be a powerhouse of the league just got that much more difficult.

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