Cadee gets the call up

7.8 points, 2 rebounds, 2.8 assists per game
Hardly  eye-catching numbers, but in the 2012 NBL they’re good enough to get you a spot in the NBL All-Star game.
The owner of those numbers?  Jason Cadee
Cadee was today named as a replacement for the “injured” Kevin Lisch.  That takes the number of 36ers in the team to four, a number that seems a tad high for a team sitting outside the playoff race.
JC has had a disappointing year to date, with many expecting him to thrive with a starting role.  He starts, but isn’t playing as a true point guard. He’s more being used as a combo guard with little time handling the ball and more time spotting up for outside shots. He's shown at times he can shoot the ball, but this season he’s shooting at 39% and the three at 29%. That’s not good and even worse when you account for the fact 39% of his shot attempts are threes (highest on the team). So he's not only being played out of position, he’s playing a role he’s not performing well at. Probably because it's a role he's barely played his whole life (you know, because he's a born point guard).
Sixers fans are mixed on how they rate him (see these forum threads on  hoops.com.au  here and here ). Some readers have interpreted some things I've said incorrectly. I love him as a point guard, but he’s not a good "2" guard as is not performing. Here's some stats to back that up.

1) His "PER" rating (courtesy of Andrew at lobpasstoabercrombie.com ) is 9th worst amongst guards
2) His "PER" rating is the lowest for all starting guards
3) His  individual "+/-"  is  at -73 . That's the worst on the team. Nathan Crosswell is at +3. Huge difference.

Crosswell is clearly in the twilight of his career but the team has been performing better with him on. "Crossy" is a reluctant outside shooter, shown by the fact only 4 of his 28 attempts have been threes. Crosswell generally gets the luxury of being able to more play the point with Gibson focused more on scoring.

Another interesting stat that stands out with Cadee are his home vs away stats. Look at these.....

5.1  points @ 30%, 2.3 rebounds,  3.4 assists

11.4 points @ 48%,  1.6 rebounds,  2 assists

Those are quite odd numbers. Most off his team mates “grow an arm” when playing at home, with guys like DJ and Gibson scoring noticeably more here than abroad (see our stats page).  Cadee's numbers suggest he plays very differently when at home, passing more and not shooting as much...and when he does his %’s are awful (30% overall, 9% on threes, 58% from the line). He seems to play with more freedom on the road.

Despite not truly earning his spot, it wouldn’t surprise to see Cadee thrive in a game like this. I hope he does showcase his full arsenal. The South team is loaded with point guards (Ced Jax, Jonny Flynn, Adam Gibson and Cadee) but hopefully he’ll get some time with the ball in his hands and a chance to run with Abercrombie and Petrie in particular. It will be interesting to see how he’s used by a different coach. I'm hoping he has some fun, plays with freedom and reminds Adelaide's coaching staff and fans of his elite passing skills, especially in the open court, and forces a rethink on how he's being utilised. It's clear Adelaide needs a lift and getting the most out of Cadee by letting him run the show with Gibson freed up to be more a shooter/scorer would be a good start.

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