The Numbers: Perth v Adelaide (16/11/12)

Inside every basketball fan is an inner coach that sees the game differently to the coach of their particular team. Players who get too much time. Players who don't get enough time. Guys that should start. Guys that should be anchored to the bench.

When a coach is criticised, it's generally about the game style, use of players or rotations. Marty Clarke has been criticised at various times for all of the above. On Friday night though he made some subtle yet noticeable changes to the lineup.

1) Use of Cadee. Jason Cadee was not used with Nathan Crosswell or CJ Massingale. Adam Gibson was his backcourt partner for every minute he was oncourt. Why? This ensured he always had a strong defender with him in the backcourt and that he got a decent shot at running the point. In my opinion he should never play with Crosswell at the same time.

2) "Smallball". We saw a few more lineups with Petrie at centre, which made sense seeing Perth's biggest player is Matt Knight at 204cm, just 1cm taller than Peach. I'd like to see more of these smallball lineups against teams that lack a true 7 footer. Against Perth, only two players registered negative +/- : Schenscher at -6 and, surprisingly, DJ at -3.

3) Crosswell & Massingale. Clarke used eight lineups with Crosswell & Massingale in the backcourt, with Creek or Gibbo as the "3". We didn't see Cadee used with Massingale at all. Seems a deliberate ploy.

The major disappointment with the rotations was that we didn't see either of our two most successful units


Our starting 5 now has the worst +/- and keeps momentum building for a starting five shakeup. Mitch Creek's "per 40" numbers compare favourably against Steven Weigh and Petrie's look good against Schenscher's.


  1. Just a note, Perth's tallest player now that they don't have 7'2 Luke Nevill on their roster is actually Jeremiah Trueman who is 206cm (6'9) compared to Matthew Knight who is 'only' 204cm (6'8). Still pretty small compared to Big Red who's 216cm (7'1) and DJ who's 212cm (6'11).

  2. Good point....although he's down the end of the bench


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