The Numbers: Adelaide v Sydney 4/11/12

If you had to pick Adelaide's key contributor for yesterday's game you might pick Luke Schenscher, who top scored for Adelaide with 18. You could go for Jason Cadee for his 15pts including two big threes in the last quarter. Some might even argue CJ's 9 first half points in a shade under 6 minutes were crucial. This is where the numbers confuse matters.............

Schenscher top scored, but had the equal 4th +/- at "+5"
Cadee was the second highest scorer with 15 and had a +/- of "+6"
Massingale kept the scoreboard ticking...but Sydney kept up with him. His +/- was "-2"

Adelaide's leading +/- guy for the day? Adam Gibson with a massive "+16". Gibbo only scored 11 with 2 rebounds and 2 assists but was the glue for Adelaide during the day. Gibson was obviously on during the fast Sydney start, but with various lineups he managed to peg back the lead. In fact Gibson was part of only one other lineup which was outscored by Sydney for the rest of the game. He hit 7 of his 11 points in the final quarter and ensured Adelaide got over the line. Gibson's season +/-  (+7) is now second on the team, trailing only DJ who leads with +17.


  1. Isolated individual +/- numbers don't mean a great deal. I do like the +/- line up data you are putting out. Keep up the great work.

  2. Yes and no. I think they are useful for several arguements ie to show that a player can dominate at the defensive end and have a better +/- than someone who dominates on offense. CJ's +/- was interesting sunday as he piled on the points, yet Sydney still outscored Adelaide when he was on. That's not all CJ's fault, but sometimes it clears up misconceptions that certain guys should get more time purely based on scoring ability. CJ's +/- for the season is the third worst on the team.

    In an isolated game it can be swayed massively by who you were on the court with, stage of the game etc but it does have it's place. Season +/- is better, but you need a decent sample size and I'd say about 20-25 games is the minimum you'll need for a clearer picture.


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